10 Years rock on despite Milwaukee crowd

10 Years has been busy in the past few months. They’ve release a new CD to generally positive reviews and have set out on a tour to compliment it. Minus The Machine, the 2012 follow up to Feeding the Wolves, has had some success since it’s release in August, though it did not manage to beat previous chart standings for other albums. People I’ve talked to have mixed feelings about the new album, and I think that reflected on their late night Sunday show in Milwaukee at The Rave.

Personally, I think Minus the Machine is an okay album. I am more of a fan of The Autumn Effect and Division. They are more of my style of 10 Years. I wasn’t too excited about Feeding The Wolves and Minus the Machine. I had listened to The Autumn Effect and Division so much that the newer music from 10 Years sounded somewhat awkward to me.

The music is still 10 Years though, but it’s changed. It didn’t tug on my emotions like the other albums had. This could explain the low attendance at 10 Years’ fall performance in Milwaukee, or it could be due to their visit being on a Sunday night. I think both had a negative effect.

“Some nights we’re exhausted and some nights we’re well rested…we do this 5, 6, 7 days a week…it’s like our job” said Jesse Hasek (vocals). The whole band seemed a bit tired, Jesse more apparent than the others and his statement confirmed that in a way. But, I guess that’s what happens on tour. Some days you’re on top of your game, others, not so much. 10 Years did have some good moments during the show though, so it wasn’t all bad.

The crowd was also very relaxed and very small for the night’s show. 10 Years usually draws a nice crowd, but this time they fell short. This show was cozier and more intimate than others I have been to. It seemed almost perfect to start off the fall concert season. The change of pace was much needed and I don’t think the fans that were there really minded the low attendance.

Taking a break from the show Jesse took time to notice the small crowd. “I see someone over here tearing up; it’s amazing when music means that much to someone. We Have the pit in the middle with some energy, but be nice to your neighbors, don’t punch ’em in the face.”

Yet even in a small setting and after Jesse told them not to, some fans got out of control and were booted from the venue. They didn’t go quietly…

Despite the small crowd, 10 Years managed to put on an okay show. Jesse’s vocals were a bit spotty at times, but he made up for them on other songs. The setlist was a nice mix of the many facets of 10 Years, but focused on Minus the Machine.

Personally I would’ve loved to have heard more from The Autumn Effect. This is one of my go-to fall rock albums. The season combined with this album creates such a cozy experience for me. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that it’s called The Autumn Effect. 

In essence though, I think everyone could’ve done better for this show. The crowd was very relaxed and not feeding 10 Years something to bank off of in terms of inspiration, and likewise 10 Years didn’t really get into their part. Maybe it was just a rough week for everyone, but I know for a fact that 10 Years can do better.

Setlist: …And All the Other Colors – Dancing with the Dead – Fix Me – Cast It Out – Writing on the Walls – Minus the Machine – Beautiful – Tightrope – Knives – Shoot It Out – Wasteland – Forever Fields (Sowing Season) — Backlash — So Long, Good-Bye (acoustic)

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