A night on the Lakefront with Counting Crows

In the middle of the week on a hot yet breezy night, Counting Crows and the Outlaw Roadshow stopped at the Lakefront in Milwaukee for a performance in the brand new BMO Harris Pavilion.[photos at bottom]

The heat affecting the entire Midwest has had residents everywhere begging for a little rain or even a torrential downpour. The Outlaw Roadshow was in line to compete with a massive storm system headed for the Milwaukee lakefront venue, but amazingly the storm passed to the north. Though mother nature had another show in store for the conservative Milwaukee Counting Crows show. In the distance a fantastic lightning show lit up the distance for most of the opening acts.

Lighting tearing through the pitch black night sky added a awesome ambiance to the Outlaw Roadshow. I could see many fans were torn between watching the opening acts and the beautiful electric storm in the distance. Most of the opening acts were pretty relaxed and only a handful of fans were really drawn in by them.

Though the openers had to compete with mother nature’s show, that doesn’t mean they were bad. Their performances were great and when they played some slower ambiant songs, the weather added to the atmosphere of the show.

Shortly after the final opening act of the night, the pavilion started to fill out and fans began to take their seats. Counting Crows took the stage and many people in the front rows ran up to the pit rail to welcome the California natives.

Counting Crows have stirred up somewhat of a controversy with their latest album. With the music industry in shambles, musicians are struggling to make the money that they used to. Counting Crows took a different approach to marketing their recent release Underwater Sunshine. They took the huge market reached by BitTorrent and shared a a few of their new songs for free on the widely despised file-sharing program throughout the music industry.

Counting Crows had to do something right? Trying something that many other’s haven’t and exposing themselves to a completely new marking is bold and might just pay off in the future.

Attendance to the Counting Crows show in Milwaukee was okay at best. It might have been due to the weeknight or the severe storms moving in, but there could have been more fans at the show. BMO Harris Pavilion is sort of a medium sized venue, with most of the front sections full and the rear bleachers mostly empty. I really think that if this show was on a weekend the place would’ve been packed, but that didn’t phase Counting Crows.

Performance shouldn’t be based on the amount of fans who attend a show. Whether it’s one or ten thousand, any amount of fans deserve an amazing show from a band they love and that’s exactly what Counting Crows gave Milwaukee.

Frontman Adam Duritz was relaxed and vocals on par with the rest of the band’s talented performance. Of course his signature hair cannot be ignored and serves as somewhat of an icon for the band. Song after song, Counting Crows showcased their alternative soft-rock feel with a little bit of country stirred in. The new BMO Pavilion served as a catalyst to the Counting Crows with superior sound handling throughout the night. They sounded great from every point in the venue and with the lighting flashing in the background, it created chilling ambiance.

Though attendance was a little low, Counting Crows didn’t let it bother them or affect their top notch performance. I feel that fans walked away very satisfied and many will be back for the next show.

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Setlist: When I Dream of Michelangelo – Angels of the Silences – Untitled – High Life – New Frontier – Anna Begins – Teenage Gravity – Omaha – Amie – Kid Things – Round Here – Good Time – A Long December – Return of the Grievous Angel – Hanginaround – Ballad of El Goodo – You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere – Holiday in Spain

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