Alice Cooper turns heads in Milwaukee, Summerfest

Summerfest has been on a role with their classic rock acts. Some have been around, some are new to Milwaukee, but one thing is for certain, they’re doing very well at the massive music festival spanning  two weekends. Attendance can be difficult to keep up at the end of a weekend, but Alice Cooper sure did help any issues they were experiencing.

Cooper took to a chilling styled carnival stage with some rather interesting band members, him being the centerpiece toting a plastic cane he eventually tossed to a fan.

Alice Cooper is getting up there, but he’s still got a lot of drive in ’em. “No More Mr. Nice Guy” gave him some time to show off, even grabbing a fencing sword and playing around with most of the front row.

He did reserve “School’s Out” for the very end, but it gave the casual fan a chance to experience some of his less widely known styles. Cooper really knows how to mix sinister and fun together. You wouldn’t think a musician that has looks like this would play the music he does.

He’s proven to be one of the more eye popping acts since back in the 80s, but it’s served him well. Alice Cooper is a timeless name with timeless music that spans decades. And we sure got quite the tour of that history at his well overdue Milwaukee visit.

Hello Hooray – House of Fire – No More Mr. Nice Guy – Billion Dollar Babies – I’ll Bit Your Face Off – It Is My Body – Caffeine – Under My Wheels – Hey Stoopid – Poison – Dirty Diamonds/Solo – Welcome To My Nightmare – Go To Hell – Devil’s Food – Feed My Frankenstein – The Ballad of Dwight Fry – Killer/Love The Dead – School’s Out – I’m Eighteen

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