All Time Low stir up a sold-out show at The Eagles Ballroom

The Spring Fever tour featuring All Time Low and Pierce The Veil rolled into Milwaukee for their sold-out Eagles Ballroom show over the weekend.

The pop-punk alternative tour features both All Time Low and Pierce the Veil as headliners supported by similar genre artists, Mayday Parade and You Me At Six.

All Time Low is no newcomer to the Midwest, and neither is Pierce the Veil. They’re well aware that Milwaukee should always be a prime spot on their tour alongside Chicago.

“This has got to be the biggest crowd we’ve ever had here,” vocalist Vic Fuentes said in surprise. That wasn’t it, though. “Loudest crowd we’ve had this entire tour, take this next song and make it your own”.

For both headlining acts the crowd virtually echoed the energy on stage never mind mirroring their vocals. Pierce the Veil really killed it too. There was so much energy coming out of these guys, even the drummer. Some metal bands fail to have as much drive as these guys. And the stage props? Zombies painted on giant circular saw blades that actually spun. How much cooler can it get.

The powerhouse of a tour was an obvious favorite to Milwaukee area natives judging by their display of enthusiasm. Pop-punk tends to have a very niche scene with a distinct set of fans. These aren’t your typical “Beliebers”; quite the opposite in fact. They can scream just as loud, but party a lot harder. They responded well to All Time Low’s opening song “Lost in Stereo”.

Arrangements inspired by other punk bands (Green Day, The Offspring, and Bad Religion) are apparent in All Time Low’s music, but in a very different fashion. They coin more of a dramatic, boyish and thematic version of punk.

It’s not a style that everyone likes, in fact there’s a lot of negativity directed towards them from people outside of the pop-punk world, but the loyal charismatic fans they do have are responsive to almost anything. Nothing seems to bore these guys during a show.

2012’s Don’t Panic achieved relatively positive reviews and success. The Spring Fever tour contineues the success post-departure from Interscope Records. The new songs went well with Milwaukee too.

“You guys must be smoking crack or something” yelled guitarist Jack Barakat after seeing the riled up fans. And he was right. For All Time Low, the crowd turned the intensity up a notch. You could feel the power of thousands of people jumping up and down.

Taunting was of no shortage from Alex and Jack. The backdrop of the stage was covered with a parody of “Got Milk” reading “get low.”.

Check out the rest of the Spring Fever tour and catch a date if you have a few extra bucks.

All Time Low

Intro – Lost In Stereo – Damned If I Do Ya – Coffeeshop Soundtrack – Neverland – Stella – Pillowtalk – Outlines – Time Bomb – Backseat Serenade – Therapy – Thanks The Booze -> Reckless – Weightless – Dear Maria

Pierce The Veil

Intro – Hell Above – Diasterology – Match Into Water – Besitos – Bulletproof Love – Hold On Til May – Low On Gas – Caraphernelia – Bulls In The Bronx – King For A Day


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