An evening with Tony Bennett

Having recently celebrated his 85 birthday, Tony Bennett is showing the world he’s still got what it takes to put on a spectacular show on his current tour. Spending the better half of the night entertaining a respectable crowd at the Marcus Center for the Performing Arts, Tony dazzled Milwaukee natives as he performed his biggest hits for some of his biggest fans.

Opening the show was Tony’s daughter, Antonia Bennett, with a few of her respectable songs of her own. Playing a few covers of older classics, she was able to relate to the mostly upper-aged crowd and got very good reactions. Being the youngest one in the crowd, I though her performance was top notch as well, but we were all there for only one reason. The man himself, Tony Bennett.

Taking the stage shortly after Antonia’s rather modest set, Tony didn’t have to say a word for the entire crowd to rise to their feet for a pre-show standing ovation. Mr Bennett was flabbergasted at this action and seemed to deeply enjoy this heartfelt Milwaukee welcome.

Starting his set off a little slow, Tony tended to hang out in one spot rather than move around a lot, which was understandable. His vocals started off pretty good though, even though they, and the rest of the band, were a little quiet due to some house sound issues. A few songs in and Tony seemed to get fired up even more, casually dancing around flaunting his amazing vocals. After he invited his daughter out on the stage to sing a few songs, it seemed liked he found his energy. After Antonia left the stage, Tony seemed invigorated and really fired up his performance from there.

Crowd reaction and his own new-found energy came together, really antagonizing Tony to belt out some impressive vocals for the remainder of the night. His dancing really took off as well as he took a few of his signature spins and took a few foot extended foot dances across the stage. Seeing a man of this age pipe out stellar vocals and classic dances got the crowd on their feet for many of the songs, rewarding Mr. Bennett with well deserved applause and praise.

The night was not only filled with hit songs, but tales of Mr Bennett’s life and some of the heartwarming experiences he had while growing as a musician. Stories of experiences with Frank Sinatra and Hank Williams left the crowd in awe as the stars they grew up with were portrayed in flesh and in stories right before their eyes.

It was clear the crowd were like little kids seeing their favorite musician for the first time as some of them might have been. Tony Bennett is an unforgettable character, mirrored by his performance throughout the night.

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