A$AP Rocky mobs The Rave

The 2012 fall season at The Rave in Milwaukee is playing host to some very popular and crowd drawing rap artists. Dotting this October weekend was ASAP Rocky and a few friends he brought along to get the crowd going before his big debut in Milwaukee.

ASAP Rocky has been very busy in the months building up to the important month of October. He’s been touring a lot, on his own and a lot with other artists. And if he hasn’t been active enough this year, ASAP Rocky will be releasing his debut studio album LongLiveA$AP due out on October 31st, just in time for the holiday season.

Even though his music is relatively good and popularity growing at a steady rate, illuminoise wanted to find out if it was all it has been hyped up to be, live in concert.

As the show started, many fans were really into the openers. Jumping up and down, chanting, and singing right along with them wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. As the night drew closer to ASAP Rocky’s time on stage, the fans were naturally a little more antsy in anticipation for who they’ve been waiting, in some cases six hours, for.

ASAP Rocky is still growing and in popularity’s eyes is still very new to the rap scene. Sure he has skill, skill that he’s been using for a very long time, but it hasn’t been until recently that his career has really took off. With that said, I think there is room for improvement from ASAP Rocky. He’s got the music part down, but in ways his performance was a little lacking.

In concert it’s all about sound, but the visuals on stage are equally as important. At some point I think ASAP Rocky is going to have to upgrade from a simple backdrop and pallets as risers. His ideas are on point, but the flashiness that fans love just wasn’t there yet.

On the opposite end of the spectrum ASAP Rocky’s audible experience was amazing. His show featured some of the best hip-hop sound I’ve heard at a show, and it was loud. My ears were bumpin’ even through high-grade earplugs. It was insane. He has found a sound that represents his life, emotion, and ideas and goes with it. This niche has allowed him to build up some very catchy music and from what I can tell, will take him pretty far.

ASAP Rocky jumping all over the place, taunting the crowd, slapping hands. He’s a great entertainer; I’ll give him that. The Rave was packed up to the doors too. The pit barrier was moving at times, people squished up to it as far as they could go.

These smaller rap acts may not have a massive following like the modern stars of rap do, but the fans they do have are as loyal as they come. I think I enjoyed ASAP Rocky as much as the fans did too. ASAP Rocky may not be the best yet, but the important thing is that he’s growing, and growing fast. He’s different, and it’s a nice change from the norm in hip-hop/rap. I’ll definitely be back for more.


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  1. Matt says:

    The show was incredible, Rocky put on a great performance, no doubt he needs more visuals and things but that will come once his popularity grows. This was one of the best hip hop shows I’ve been to. I’m from Milwaukee and a lot of artists don’t enjoy playing here, but Rock and his crew embraced it for what it was and I’d like to think they had a good time. I hope they keep doing their thing and Milwaukee is pulling for them to make it on top. ALL BLVCK.

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