August Burns Red fires up The Rave

The beginning of fall has marked the end to all the exciting summer festivals and sweaty concerts in the Midwest area. Now we have to rely on indoor and tightly packed shows at historic venues downtown to tie us over until next year. This isn’t a bad thing though, as fall usually serves up some extremely exciting and unforgettable concerts in the Milwaukee and Chicago areas. We were pleasantly surprised by the start of the fall season with a rising star in the metal world, August Burns Red.

August Burns Red and metal in general are no stranger to Milwaukee or the Midwest. We’re known here for our intense metal shows and the amazing crowd energy emitted at rock and metal shows in at many of the local venues.

I think August Burns Red has come to expect this from Milwaukee crowds and gets just as excited as their fans when they’re in town.

The last time August Burns Red was in Milwaukee was for 2011’s Vans Warped Tour, and previously with Bring Me The Horizon on the AP Tour. Both times, August Burns Red gave their all and have been welcomed back time after time.

Their stop on the 2012 tour was no exception. Welcomed by a reasonably sized crowd, given their was a rival Chicago/Green Bay NFL football game scheduled for the same night, August Burns Red had their hands full once again.

Opening for August Burns Red was a band equally as energetic and praised, Of Mice And Men. Recently releasing their second studio album The Flood, Of Mice And Men have been causing a ruckus in the metal world in recent months. And even before that with their debut album Of Mice And Men they had fans salivating over their upbeat and much different sounding style of scream/metal.

Of Mice And Men played a decent sized set including some material from both their first and second albums. I would have liked to have heard more of the first album played because, personally, I enjoy it much more than the second. There was just something about the first album that stood out and was unique; The Flood I wasn’t so sure about.

Of Mice And Men also went on praising Milwaukee and how much they enjoy coming back here. He also made a jab at the crowd asking how many Bears fans were in attendance. Surprisingly there were a few who bravely threw up the horns and gave a loud yell.

Following Of Mice And Men’s well-rocked set, August Burns Red set up and eventually their shadowy figures emerged from back stage. The lights went up and we were well on our way into “Composure”, a real show starter.

I felt the same way about August Burns Red’s set as I did about Of Mice And Men. August Burns Red played a lot of material from previous albums, but there was a good amount from their newest album Leveler. Now, I am not the biggest fan of Leveler and I never really got into that style of August Burns Red. I don’t think it’s bad; it’s just something that never clicked with my ears. So as much as I enjoyed this show, it wasn’t the best I’ve been to.

Regardless of their music, the guys of August Burns Red have A LOT of fun with their shows. They’re always running around on stage and in smiles. Jake Luhrs can really put out a scare too. He gets so into his role to the point where he takes the song to another level.

JB is equally as into his part. He was also wearing sandals on stage, which was a little comical. At least I got a kick out of it and I think a few others did too.

As always there was a massive circle pit and if you’ve ever been to The Rave in Milwaukee, you know these can get really intense. August Burns Red probably stoked up the largest one I’ve seen in awhile, taking up about 1/2 of the house.

August Burns Red is getting noticeably better as well. Their live show is cleaner and they work together better than is years past. I’ve seen a lot of progression from a couple years ago on the AP Tour to Warped 2011 and now.

August Burns Red will be releasing their holiday album Sleddin’ Hill on October 9th. You can preorder and preview it here.

Of Mice & Men Setlist: O.G. Loko – Those In Glass Houses – Ohioisonfire – The Flood – Let Live – The Ballad of Tommy Clayton & The Rawding Millionaire – I’m A Monster – Still Ydg’n – Product Of A Murderer – The Depths

August Burns Red Setlist: Intro – Composure – the Eleventh Hour – Internal Cannon – Cutting the Ties – Marianas Trench – Divisions – Barbarian – Carpe Diem – Meddler – Ocean of Apathy – Salt and Light – Back Burner – Leveler – Drum Solo – Empire – White Washed

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