August Burns Red rattles Milwaukee’s Eagles Club

Metalcore powerhouse and Milwaukee favorite, August Burns Red, returned to The Rave/Eagles Club breaking a bit of a dry spell for the genre in the area.

With support from Ohio’s Miss May I, they and August Burns Red fired up fans with some of their deepest cutting singles. Opening with “Hey Mister”, Miss May I started strong, continuing with momentum far into their set yielding serious mosh participation. Though promptly broken up by security, it was entertaining while it lasted – Milwaukee tends to take moshing a little too far at times.

Vocalist Levi Benton kept an impressive level of enthusiasm, but the band’s visual effects left a little to be desired. I understand the time and space constraint with tours like this, but a little goes a long way – something that August Burns Red picked up on and satisfied nicely.

Miss May I’s Benton praised Milwaukee fans, “One of my favorite places to play, feels like home more than anything, you guys are insane”. Miss May I touts some sinister breakdowns and long rolling beats that eliminate any idea of a dull moment. That coupled with relentless vocals keep me locked in.

Better lighting and better effects is where August Burns Red did it right this time. They’re on point with the music, but time after time bands fall short with production. Drummer Matt Greiner did seem buried behind the fog in the back, but he was surely heard.

August Burns Read generously sampled their heavy hitting singles from all albums, including a tasteful touch of their more recent work. Topping their selections, “Up Against The Ropes”, “Thirty and Seven”, and “Composure” all intensified the set – only solidified by Jake Luhrs’ sweat doused shirt 4 songs into the show. He was putting in some serious work.

Taking note of some rather rambunctious fans, Luhrs’ asked fans to quit kicking and punching each other so the show could go on, but what do you expect from a metal show anyway.

I felt the setlist was pretty well-rounded, but many of these bands have room for improvement when it comes to the lengthiness of their performance. As a headliner I would suggest at least a few more to really knock it out of the park, but with a tour this size this seems to be the norm.

Setlist: White Washed – Beauty in Tragedy – Thirty and Seven – Spirit Breaker – The Eleventh Hour – Up Against The Ropes – Marianas Trench – Provision – Back Burner – Fault Line – Meridian – The Seventh Trumpet – Composure – Drum Solo – Carpe Diem – Empire














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