BB King still rockin’ the blues

After decades of touring and making music you’d think a musician would get worn out and tired, especially at age 86. Not BB King. He’s out on tour and sounding as great as ever, playing some classing southern blues hits and entertaining crowds with his undefinable glow and relaxed vibe.

BB King is not a musician that usually disappoints anyone who attends his shows. His band is equally as talented and all of the musicians on stage seem to flow with each other which really shows the professionalism they’ve all built up over the many years of performing.

BB himself looks extremely healthy and charismatic for his age, which was apparent as he talked and interacted with the crowd all night. Making everyone laugh from time to time, BB was just an all around entertainer and seemed like he didn’t have a worry in the world. I find it extremely impressive that he can still play guitar like he did many years ago, even at his current age.

Jamming through a good amount of songs, BB simply didn’t mind all the photos being taken or the yells coming from around the hall; he just smiled, laughed and carried on and played away his signature BB tunes.

BB King’s true blues tone shone through him and his band throughout the night. Stellar blues guitar soloing complimented by trumpets, saxophones, flutes, and a thumping bass guitar brought the whole dynamic together for equally as many jams and vocal driven songs.

It’s always nice to see musicians as legendary as BB King still going strong at an older age. It goes to show BB’s dedication to the fans that love him, and by the looks and size of the crowd, BB still doesn’t have a hard time filling a couple thousand seats wherever he plays.

I would expect to see BB King and his amazing band play many shows well into the future. You can catch him in Europe throughout some of the summer months and then back in the States in the Fall. Enjoy!

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