Big & Rich spice up Wisconsin’s fair season

It’s fair season in Wisconsin. That’s something special, something you’ll only experience in Wisconsin and other like-minded Midwestern states. Outside of the big cities like Chicago, Milwaukee, and Twin Cities, late July and August are filled with weekends of carnivals, fairs, and live music.

Headlining the final Friday night of Washington County Fair, Big & Rich, a long time Wisconsin favorite brought about a respectable sea of fans. “It’s so great, Wisconsin has always been a big stronghold for Big & Rich!”

Known for their smash hit, “Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy)” the guys fit right in, especially with guitarist/vocalist John Rich’s NRA life member sticker slapped on one of his acoustic guitars. “You should see you guys, you’re rockin’!”

It wasn’t until a few songs passed by that fans really got up on their feet. “Do we have and AC/DC fans in the house?!” “We’re gonna show you how country boys play AC/DC.” Big & Rich’s cover of AC/DC’s “You Shook Me All Night Look” put a little more pep in their step and helped everyone loosen up a bit for a generous 90 minute set.









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