Billy Idol rakes in a full house, Summerfest

There was no missing the stern classic rock Englishman atop stage monitors towering over a pavilion filled shoulder to shoulder.

Summerfest did it the year before with Scorpions and now one year later another shining star of the golden era of rock was brandished on one of the best stages in Milwaukee – maybe all of Wisconsin.

An eerie entrance crying out “Milwaukee” emboldened the suspense as we waited for the man, legendary guitarist Steve Stevens already in play.

Heading out, Idol was not afraid to strike a pose in his typical rocker attire, stark white hair and heavy boots performing with impressive showmanship and the better half of the luster he had in his prime time. Cross the suave of Rod Stewart with the entertainer in David Lee Roth and maybe mix in some Scorpions for good measure and that’s what you got from Billy.

He and Steve Stevens often met face to face taunting each other as they do what they do best. The other half of the time Stevens could be found at the front of the stage screaming away at seamless guitar solos.

Even the non-Idol fan walking by could tell Idol was throwing hit after hit at the captivated Milwaukee fans.

Music from Idol’s Generation X days was a staple of his set, performing more than a few hits. “Ready Steady Go,” and “Dancing with Myself” as the first two songs.

Flowing through some other hits he also included his traditional cover of The Doors’ “LA Woman,” eventually finishing off with “White Wedding” and “Mony Mony”.

If anything, Idols skill has gotten better with age. This isn’t one of those washed up classics from 30 years ago folks. He’s in tip top shape and it looks like he’s sticking around for a bit.

They just don’t make music like this anymore.

Ready Steady Go – Dancing with Myself – Pumping on Steel – Flesh for Fantasy – Love and Glory – Cradle of Love – Sweet Sixteen – Eyes Without a Face – LA Woman (The Doors Cover) – Guitar solo – King Rocker – Live Like Fire – Blue Highway – Rebel Yell – White Wedding – Mony Mony

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