Black Label Society storm the Eagles Club, Milwaukee

Returning to Milwaukee hot off his stint with the Hendrix Experience tour, Zakk Wylde and Black Label Society revved up the Eagles Club for what is expected to be a destructive year in heavy metal music.

Explosive is the word. Wylde brings an unmatched level of energy to the guitar world through his giant towering stance and firey riffs channeled through vintage Marshall stacks.

We haven’t seen new music from the mildly iconic in quite some time. 2011 to be exact, but Wylde has been busy. Their less than a month old Catacombs of the Black Vatican breaks the silence. Things have been a little shaky with Black Label Society’s drummers. Many changes in the last two years have lead to a little experimentation, but Jeff Fabb currently clings to that throne.

A well-balance set of old and new kept the crowd satisfied. They may be a little rough around the edges, but these are some of the most loyal fans you’ll find. Countless biker cuts mimicking an MC with Black Label Society branding could be seen roaming everywhere. While still growing in popularity, there was a lack of the newer generation of heavy metal fans – many opting for more modernized metalcore genres.

Continually, though, Black Label Society churns out a sludgy groove with quality vocals that accentuate a riff heavy musical adventure. They’re the industrial of the heavy metal genre. Sure the riffs can be a little samey, but there’s no substitute for the non-stop shredding and crazy pinch harmonics.














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