Bon Iver sells out Riverside Theater, Milwaukee

A piece of Wisconsin returned home the past two nights with two sold out shows at the Riverside Theater in downtown Milwaukee. Originating in Eau-Claire, Bon Iver holds a spot in the hearts of any Wisconsinite that enjoys deep music from the soul of some of the most genuine people in the country.Recently releasing their second studio album in June, Bon Iver had a wealth of new material to serenade two sold out crowds with. The intimidating presence of dual drummers filled the theater with booming heartbeats accompanied by the depth of the many other instruments and highly skilled musicians. Vocalist Justin Vernon transformed the atmosphere into something surreal, bringing to life his multifaceted masterpieces.

In a world of too much of the same pop music, Bon Iver brings a refreshing style of music to a generation that has missed out on the majority of award worthy performers. Music that evokes feeling and emotion like the sweet sounds of Bon Iver usually goes unnoticed, but the recent increase in popularity of such a great band shows there’s still quite a demand for artsy and experimental music.

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