Breaking Benjamin, intimate and unplugged in Milwaukee

Breaking Benjamin’s latest, Dark Before Dawn, shook things up for the status of rock on the Billboard 200 last summer. Charting quickly to number #1, the bands newest album since 2009 was received wildly amongst fans, translating into constant touring since last summer.

Until recently, the band has been riding the status of Dark Before Dawn with their abrasive and aggressive style. Now changing it up, Breaking Benjamin has embarked on an unplugged tour, sampling hits old and new and giving new insight into their music making.

Although an unplugged tour, not to be confused with strictly acoustic, Breaking Benjamin maintained a level of grittiness through this tastefully scaled back session. A full percussion remained and kept astounding structure while most of the band swapped their usual for acoustic versions.

The shoulder to shoulder Eagles Ballroom mirrored nearly every lyric, encouraging vocalist Benjamin Burnley to have them sing along as much as possible. Guitarist Keith Wallen took the vocal reigns to “Sooner or Later” early in the set, while “Unknown Soldier” was dedicated to all soldiers.

A ballroom known for hit or miss acoustics, Breaking Benjamin had good luck centerstage, however the rest of the venue suffered from a nasty reverb with some fans struggling to hear dialogue and music.

Topping the charts, a massive tour spanning three seasons and an impressive turnout for an unplugged performance have Breaking Benjamin on a roll. More recently, the band signaled a continuance of their busy schedule announcing a summer tour with Disturbed.

Setlist: So Cold, Follow, Sooner or Later, Unknown Soldier, Simple Design, Message in a Bottle, Angels Fall, Ashes of Eden, Blow Me Away, Failure, Breath, Ænema, Give Me a Sign, The Diary of Jane












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