Buckethead shreds with legendary talent, Milwaukee

Legendary guitarist, Buckethead, returned to The Rave in Milwaukee for a very intimate late night show. His head-turning appearance and jaw-dropping guitar skills always have an impressive draw in Milwaukee.

Releasing over 30 studio albums and guest appearing on countless other albums including Guns N’ Rose’s “Chinese Democracy”, chances are you’ve heard Buckethead somewhere. When it comes to performing live, his skills are just as phenomenal as they are recorded.

Most noticeably recognized by his appearance, Buckethead can always be seen wearing his signature KFC bucket on his head in addition to a white mask when he performs. Buckethead’s live act makes it seem as if he’s not “all there” when he performs, but only adds to the mysteriousness of his stage antics.

Taking the stage a solid half our late, Buckethead had fans antsy to hear him rip away at the sizable Milwaukee crowd.

As Buckethead made his way to the stage, fans roared at the sight of the KFC bucket moving around at the rear of the stage. Grabbing his pearl white Gibson Les Paul, Buckethead proceeded to lure Milwaukee into an awestruck trans.

Now, Buckethead isn’t the type of music that you necessarily crowd surf and mosh to, but when Buckethead plays you can rest assured that everyone is listening and locked into an uninterruptible stare.

Rivaling legends from previous and current decades, Buckethead deserves more credit than is given. I look forward to seeing more Buckethead in the future. Keep a look out for some amazing shredding and the KFC bucket wielding guitarist in the near future.

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