Bush perform to finish off Summerfest

Bush has been making their rounds through Milwaukee in the past year. They appeared at the Eagles Ballroom with Chevelle and Filter, and more recently with Nickelback at the Bradley Center. And to top off the biggest music festival in the Midwest area, maybe even the world, Bush closed out Summerfest on the US Cellular stage in Milwaukee.

It was a week stricken with harsh heat and humidity and a stage with little steam compared to the rest of the festival. Towards the end though Chevelle brought some juice to the US Cellular stage, but to top it off Bush closed out the week of music madness on a cool but humid Sunday night.

102/1’s Kramp & Adler took the stage 10 minutes before Bush and made the announcement that a couple thousand people were waiting for, also commenting that this was probably “the best night of the week.” They were exactly right. The Summerfest US Cellular crowd was in for an awesome show packed with Bush’s greatest hits.

A screaming crowd loudly welcomed Gavin Rossdale and the rest of Bush to the stage as soon as they could make out their mysterious shadows. Gavin, dressed in red and matching the first song’s lighting beautifully, eased into “Machinehead,” a song many people from the 90’s can easily identify. By song two Gavin had shed his red shirt for a cooler sleeveless one, revealing his shredded arms and upper body. During the second song “All My Life” fans held up sign that read “Bush” and “Army” and you bet that put a smile on Gavin, Robin, Chris, and Corey’s faces.

After “Sound of Winter” Gavin made a comment about “this next song” being the song that “made this band,” following up by proudly playing “Everything Zen,” the song that really did put Bush on the map.

In a few of the songs Gavin and Chris had a “duel” of sorts with their guitars as they posed facing each other and at times leaning on each other’s backs as they both jammed away. Song after song Gavin’s authentic voice and that awesome sounding crunch of the heavy guitars that dominate Bush’s music came through with amazing clarity showcasing this bands unquestionable talent.

Bush’s Summerfest performance was easily my favorite, blowing away many of the other shows I saw. A few came close to being my favorite such as OARLupe Fiasco, and Scorpions, but Bush really put on a killer show.

Check out the rest of Bush’s tour dates here. Also, The Avengers features one of Bush’s newer songs “Into the Blue” which has a remarkable resemblance to the album The Sea of Memories. It has that classic Bush mixed with more of their new sound. Check it out if you haven’t had a chance!

Setlist: Machinehead – All My Life – Chemicals – Sound of Winter – Everything Zen – Swallowed – I Believe in You – Prizefighter – Baby Come Home – Greedy Fly – Afterlife – Land of the Living – Little Things – Come Together – Alien – Glycerine – Comedown

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  1. Nanci says:

    Enjoyed write-up!! Total agreement “unquestionable talent” comes through Loud & Clear! When You hear them LIVE for the 1st time~they have the ability to hook the audience & make all others pale in comparison! I have yet to meet anyone that does not see, hear, & feel their ‘Dynamics’ as they somehow put out a “Killer Show” each & every time! I am & will always be a ‘Major Fan’ of BUSH~hook, line, & Sinker! Thx for Article!

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