Childish Gambino lights up the Eagles Ballroom

By now, if you haven’t laid ears on Childish Gambino you should reevaluate your music finding abilities. Actually, not really. It even took me awhile to find out about this fast rising star, coming out of nowhere with slews of potential hit songs and a fan base that grows by the second – only accelerated by his recent, highly praised, release Because the Internet.

Because the Internet has brought Donald Glover, known on stage as Childish Gambino, over the invisible barrier that often separates some of the more creative artists from mainstream exposure. More so than his 2011 release, CampBecause the Internet has helped him find his way onto bigger stages in front of larger crowds.

If his style brings one word to mind, it’s organic. Childish Gambino is all for the creative side of his preferred genre, but without the obnoxious bass thumping DJ side effects that consistently plague this industry.

Equal parts visual and audio. While the allure of an arena show isn’t quite there, Childish Gambino’s ballroom shows still allow fans to feel close-his interaction, spontaneous dancing, and emotion filled vocals locking them in.

Gambino’s demographic is far apart from the hip-hop of endless derogatory slurs and explicit material-though we do enjoy it from him in moderation. A cross between the waspy suburb types and the urban art enthusiasts, the people he attracts are just as beautiful as the talent he shares.

Forget the superstars – if you want a show you can get close to, a show you will remember – Childish Gambino is one that can’t be missed. This is the other half of hip-hop that’s been missing for the last 30 years.












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