Citizen Cope Up Close and Acoustic in Milwaukee

Acoustic tours are a chance for fans to experience artists under a new light. Solo, broken down, organic – the root of the music shining through more than can be felt at a full-on performance. Welcomed to Milwaukee in a laid back and very intimate show, Citizen Cope brought his own acoustic performances to life at the historic Pabst Theater.

Well known for his hits “Let The Drummer Kick” and “Bullet and a Target”, Citizen Cope stripped his already chilled-out numbers down to himself and two acoustic guitars. A mysterious and curious aura followed the songwriter for most of the night, approaching the crowd sparingly and sticking to the music.

An immaculate rendition of “Lifeline” gripped fans early in the show. One of Citizen Cope’s best selections of the night, the ebb and flow worked its way into fans who soaked in as much as possible. Fans old and young were drawn in, knowing music from one album or another. Others like “Bullet and a Target” were expected but equally gripping.

Citizen Cope is quite familiar with the acoustic atmosphere his music borders on. Much of his work follows a stripped down nature to begin with so taking them on alone doesn’t leave much out. Other artists have a difficult time with translating their music into an acoustic format – not the case with Citizen Cope.

There was some worry of low attendance, only a few hundred tickets being sold and about half showed up for the support act, Mayaeni. She, however, could hold her own with the crowd through strong guitar skills and even stronger vocals.

While attendance could have been better, the lower of 3 levels barely filling up, acoustic shows are a speciality. They don’t fit everyone’s expectations of a live performance and bands know that. Citizen Cope excelled beyond all expectations and climbed high on the list of Pabst Theater acoustic shows regardless of how many showed up.

Fans often thanked him in between songs and he thanked them right back for their continued support. There was a unique banter that went on, but not so much as to be disruptive. For most this was an unforgettable full-bodied acoustic show casting Citizen Cope’s tour performance in a very bright light.





















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