City & Colour Resonates through The Pabst Theater, Milwaukee

Stopping for a quick visit off their Canadian tour, City & Colour brought their sweet acoustic semi-folk masterpieces to the Pabst Theater in Milwaukee. The sounds of acoustic-folk ambiance filled the Pabst creating a spectacular atmosphere in which the delightfully large crowd seemed deeply mesmerized. Known formally for the band Alexisonfire, Dallas Green now leads City & Colour with this dramatically different style of music where he has become extremely successful.

Opening for City & Colour was Rhode Island’s The Low Anthem. Having some spectacular musical talent of their own, The Low Anthem performed some very interesting music. At times, one of the members was playing what seemed to be a hand-saw without the “teeth”, making for some beautiful ambient sounds. Nearing the end of their set, The Low Anthem brought out City & Colour’s Dallas Green for a performance of The Low Anthem’s hit “Charlie Darwin.” Words cannot describe the feeling in the room during this song. The combination of talent from The Low Anthem and Dallas Green gave many people goosebumps and personally left me in awe. This was just something you HAD to hear. And if that weren’t enough, The Low Anthem ended their final song with “cell phone crickets.” The front-man for The Low Anthem got the crowd to call the person sitting next to them and turn their phone on speaker for the last part of the song, creating the illusion of crickets echoing through the Pabst. Truly a magical moment.

City & Colour front-man Dallas Green gave his all and shared his clean signature vocals though some of the band’s best songs. Playing hit after hit from albums “Bring Me Your Love” to their newest release “Little Hell”, City & Colour could not disappoint the die hard crowd. Not only did the sweet sounds of Dallas’s voice resonate throughout, so did his relaxed feeling. The performance overall was mind blowing, and everyone seemed so wired in to the point where they couldn’t wait for the next song. Sure the folks up front in the makeshift pit were having most of the fun screaming for Dallas, and shoving each other around to get closer, but the overall vibe was undoubtedly chill.

City & Colour played together for a good part of the show, but eventually Dallas took the stage on his own and played a few solo tunes, really impressing the crowd. Wanting to get up close and personal, Dallas started in on “What Makes a Man?”, eventually bringing the crowd in on the chorus for one of the most amazing crowd/singer duets I have experienced.

However, there were a few people that ruined things with their obnoxious screaming in the middle of Dallas’s solos and there was the occasional sound issue that, at an acoustic performance only becomes more apparent.

The amazing talent City & Colour brought to the Pabst Theater was simply phenomenal and I really cannot say enough about how well both acts performed. I feel like bands like City & Colour and The Low Anthem are doing a better job than some of the huge headlining bands of pop culture. The real excitement lies with the intimate and special moments like the ones brought by Dallas Green and City & Colour. If you have a chance in the future I would strongly recommend getting out to see City & Colour. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

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