A cozy Halloween with Filter

It’s not often we get to see the basement of The Rave in Milwaukee, WI. Reserved for smaller, more tame shows, the dreaded basement isn’t the best place to be. But I think that’s just rubbish. This is one of the coziest venues in the city, and with a smaller crowd to fill it, you feel that much more in tune with the artist on stage. With Filter, we felt closer than ever.

Filter has been through its ups and downs. Anyone familiar with the band knows at this point, Filter is Richard Patrick, the founding member and last remaining original. While its been only Patrick at the reins since the first breakup after Filter’s widely successful Short Bus, the tone of the band hasn’t changed much even though the artists have.

With the release of their nicely done album The Sun Comes Out Tonight, released earlier this year, its obvious they’ve been trying new ideas based off their simple industrial rock formula. See our review here.

The new album combines Richard Patrick’s timeless clean scream first heard back in the 90’s and fuses it with neo-Filter melodies. It’s less closed off than previous works.

As good as the album is I was surprised Filter didn’t tackle more of the new material at the Milwaukee show, opting for pre-The Trouble With Angels, even skipping over the title song of the album. 

After the departure of bassist Phil Buckman in earlier October, Filter was left in quite the pinch for a new bassist. Eventually Tim Kelleher, formerly of 30 Seconds to Mars, filled in, signaling why newer songs might be slightly limited.

Patrick seemed unphased after the short notice change and charged through is show nonetheless. Cracking jokes about drugs and his time with Nine Inch Nails had the crowd smirking and chatting him up in the front row. Even with the small crowd, he was a good sport, pouring out his signature voice.

“Jurrassitol” and later songs “Hey Man Nice Shot” and “Welcome To The Fold” received the most praise while many are still getting used to the new album. From here we can only hope Filter has better luck and sticks together. The new release has some great music and I’d hate to see that go away.

Setlist: We Hate It When You Get What You Want – The Take – Jurassitol – Self Inflicted – Trip Like I Do – Take A Picture – Surprise – What Do You Say – Soldiers of Misfortune – Dose – Best Things – Hey Man Nice Shot – Welcome To The Fold













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