Death Cab For Cutie @ Summerfest

For what seems like an extended Codes and Keys tour, Death Cab for Cutie came back to perform in Milwaukee at their world famous music festival, Summerfest.

Although a great music act with a lot of amazing music to choose from, Death Cab for Cutie really isn’t a Summerfest act. Most of the crowd was extremely loud and rude which made the show less than enjoyable. When the performed earlier in the year at the Riverside Theatre it was a fantastic show. It was indoors and controlled which made for a magical show.

But at Summerfest it was a little different. Beers flying everywhere. People trying to cope with the 100 degree heat, and Death Cab for Cutie trying to play their soft, heartfelt music over the neighboring stage’s louder acts.

Although they really didn’t fit in at Summerfest, their performance was very good, as most Death Cab For Cutie shows are. Lighting was a bit different and spotty in some cases since there were no house floods so I’m curious as to how many people saw the stage from the back of the “house.”

Though good, I just don’t think Death Cab for Cutie is a good Summerfest or festival band unless they turn up the volume and up the lights.

Check out some of their future tour dates at and see if you can make one of the dates. Also check out their newest album Codes and Keys. It’s a little different than earlier Death Cab For Cutie music, but equally as exciting.

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