Dropkick Murphys add a dash of Celtic punk to Summerfest

Back in full swing, Dropkick Murphys found their way to Summerfest bringing their Celtic punk rock to some of the most adoring fans Dropkick has seen. “We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, Dropkick Murphys love Milwaukee!” Al Barr shouted after wrapping up “Prisoner’s Song”.

The Boston natives have always been welcome in Milwaukee and have made numerous appearances at historic venues and sporting events over the years.

Founding member Ken Casey loves to chime in from time to time, but he leaves a lot of the front-man responsibilities to Al Barr. Watching Casey perform, you just see pure joy as fans jump up and down screaming along to their favorite Dropkick Murphys songs.

If it wasn’t the deafening volume level or the fantastically energetic band members, the set list was bound to impress anyone – in length and quality. “For Boston,” “The Boys Are Back,” and “Prisoner’s Song” found their way to the start of the set, even a cover of AC/DC’s famed song “TNT” helped finish off the night.

It’s becoming a trend seeing these fine tuned set list comprised of nothing but hit after hit. Dropkick Murphys are no sit down band and there wasn’t a moment of dead air to spare. Al Barr kept up this unbelievable pace through many of the songs, followed swiftly by the rest of DKM.


Setlist: The Foggy Dew – For Boston – The Boys Are Back – Prisoner’s Song – Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ya – Caught in a Jar – Going Out in Style – Boys on the Docks – The Warriors Code – Jimmy Collins’ Wake – The Ault Triangle – The Walking Dead – Rose Tattoo – Out of Our Heads – Out on the Town – God Willing – Shipping up to Boston – Worker’s Song – Barroom Hero – End of the Night – TNT (ACDC cover) – Citizen CIA

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