Evanescence & Chevelle, Madness at The Rave

Yet another year of Carnival of Madness and a fresh lineup of new bands has brought out a staggering crowd on a weeknight to The Eagles Ballroom. This year’s Carnival of Madness tour featured Evanescence and Chevelle with special guests Halestorm, Cavo, and New Medicine.

The Rave/Eagles Ballroom also featured a large amount of supporting acts in their smaller downstairs rooms for entertainment before and between the Carnival of Madness shows going on in the upstairs ballroom.

illuminoise got the show as Chevelle was going on. As fellow Midwesterners, they know to expect an awesome crowd for rock music. Chevelle was recently in Milwaukee for Summerfest and their shows are often pretty full. Carnival of Madness was no exception as the Eagles Ballroom was nearly sold out which was extremely impressive for a Tuesday night.

The Illinois trio are no stranger to the Milwaukee area. Having played here many times over the last few years, Chevelle have simply fallen in love the the Eagles Ballroom. “Holy shit Milwaukee!” vocalist Pete Loeffler said in amazement to the massive sea of bodies.

Chevelle’s crisp, edgy alternative rock is an easy party starter. Kicking off their set with “Sleep Apnea,” their hit from  Sci-Fi Crimes, was a great idea. Body surfers tend to enjoy the chunky and melodic intros to Chevelle’s set and “Sleep Apnea” really did the trick.

But Sci-Fi Crimes isn’t all Chevelle has under their belt. Their recent release Hats off to the Bull has gotten some very good reviews and awesome response from Chevelle fans.

“How about something new?!” Pete shouted as he and the rest of Chevelle started in on “Hats off to the Bull.” A lot of Chevelle’s music has a similar underlying feel to it. It’s hard rock, but with a touch of alternative mixed in. Hats Off To The Bull showcases their refined sound that they’ve been banking on ever since the beginning.

Their setlist was a great mix of all things Chevelle. There were songs old, new, and everything in between from Chevelle’s growing career in rock.

Chevelle weren’t the only reason to come out to Carnival of Madness. Evanescense headlined the 2012 tour and showed they deserved to with their very talented performance.

Amy Lee is one of the only females in rock music that can sing her heart out at every show. Her voice almost defines the female presence in rock music and has become a staple ever since Evanescence hit the music world in 1995.

Amy Lee was where all attention was fixated during the night. She has become the poster child of Evanescence, but what lead vocalist isn’t?

Evanescence’s performance was pretty good, but it was extremely spectacular. It was what a concert should be, but there aren’t cool surprises and interaction like many bands have integrated into their live shows these days. Think The Flaming Lips. It’s not really fair to compare them to a seasoned band who’s been around for many more years, but I still need to make the point that it’s just a concert.

Though their visual show was a bit lacking, and same with Chevelle, the music was solid and on point. Evanescence has a lot of great music that has been integrated and saturated into the rock world for quite some time now. Using those songs they are able to get a massive crowd response and in turn crank out a rockin’ show.

Songs like “My Immortal” have simply made Evanescence who they are and closing with it seemed very right and in my opinion left many people with goosebumps and they exited.

Dreamy and crisp songs like “My Heart is Broken” paint a vivid picture in your head, have deep lyrical meaning and is a song the fans can rock out to with a female singer. The change of pace is what makes Evanescence different from the rest of the massive world of rock. They have a female singer with a fantastic voice who sings in a rock band and kills it; just something you don’t hear everyday.



Chevelle setlist: Sleep Apnea – Hats off to the Bull – Jars – Meddler – Get Some – The Clincher – I Get It – Envy – Pinata – Send The Pain Below – The Red – Face To The Floor

Evanescence setlist: What You Want – Going Under – The Other Side – Weight of the World – Made of Stone – Lithium – Lost In Paradise – My Heart is Broken – Sick – The Change – Whisper – Never Go Back – Call Me When You’re Sober – Imaginary – Bring Me To Life – Disappear – My Immortal

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