Fingerstyle Ambiance at Vogel Hall – Guitar Masters

Guitar masters Andy Mckee, Stephen Bennett, and Antoine Dufour made their way to Vogel Hall at the Marcus Center for the Performing Arts on the Guitar Masters Tour in Milwaukee, WI. In the world of finger style guitar playing these guys know their stuff and have the abilities to back it up in person. With their live performances as good, if not better, than their recorded albums, these three show that there are still musicians in this world that don’t need computer or special effects to sound good, rather a well trained and highly skilled set of hands.

This complex finger style guitar playing seems to be taking off in the world of music. Artists like John Mayer and Tim Reynolds (Dave Matthew’s Band) are slowly bringing a type of finger style playing to popular music, showing there is still some talent left in today’s evolution of music. Complimenting artists like Mckee, Bennett, and Dufour, the integration of skilled guitar playing into modern day music shows a promising future for these technical players.

Music like McKee, Bennett, and Dufour’s style gives listeners a sort of freedom from the outside world. Instrumental guitar that has the effect of an entire band lets listeners think for themselves, allowing the music to take them to a place of deep thought and immense imagination. Contrary to what many believe, instrumental music is not simply background music, rather the work of some of the most talented artists of our time. Usually accompanying themselves through tackling bass lines, lead lines, and ‘drum’ lines all at once, the Guitar Masters know how to do on their own what some musicians can’t accomplish with 4 people.

The similar styles among Mckee, Bennett, and Dufour complimented each other throughout the two hour set. Playing tunes from musicians they look up to and tunes of their own, all three put on very good performances. It would have been nice to hear more material from each guitarist as they all have fantastic songs, but how much talent can you cram in to one night? Finishing off the show with an encore featuring all 3 guitarists showed fans just how good the three really are proving their mastery at such an underrated instrument. After the show, Mckee, Bennett, and Dufour all stopped by the merch table and signed autographs on CDs, tour promotional handouts and tickets.

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