Firestorm of Blues with Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Milwaukee

The Pabst Theater in Milwaukee, Wisc. has become home to certain styles of music in the many years it has been in business. Blues is no exception to this with Kenny Wayne Shepherd and his band bringing a new mix of blues, country, and rock to the historic stage of The Pabst.

Kenny Wayne Shepherd has been around for a while but just now seem like they’re making a bigger impact after releasing How I Go back in 2011. Though he and the band haven’t become and ultra popular sensation just yet, his amazing blues guitar skills have them on their way.

They sure are getting Tallan Latz where he wants to be. Opening for Kenny Wayne Shepherd was the 13-year old blues rocker from Elkhorn, Wisconsin.

Tallan effortlessly bled the blues out of his fingers onto his Les Paul and Statocaster for a solid half-hour. A half hour can be a long time when you screaming away on the guitar, but fans made it as enjoyable as anyone could ask for.

Tallan was welcomed by the entire theater giving him a standing ovation, clapping, loud screams, and even fans running up to the stage and high-fiving him. And it was well deserved; it’s not every day you hear a 13 year old rocking away to Steve Ray Vaughan and ZZ Top.

Sharing similar blues guitar skills, Kenny Wayne Shepherd also melted fans with his amazing blues guitar talent. Kenny Wayne Shepherd took the stage to the first and second level full of fans with the third being empty, but in all honesty I don’t think it bothered him one bit.

He isn’t all guitar, and neither was Tallan, but guitar is a big part of their show. Kenny Wayne Shepherd has a full band with a lead singer most of the time so you get a soft rock-blues vibe with a ton of familiar blues guitar licks mixed in.

Kenny Wayne Shepherd got up close with fans a few time and moved around a little, but didn’t seem to have the same energy as Tallan. His entire band was pretty laid back and the music was okay. I’d say about half were there for his guitar skills and half for the show as a whole.

Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band is on the rise in both the rock-blues and guitar world by itself. He’s literally come out of nowhere in the last few years with this skill that’s all his own yet so familiar to the likes of SRV, Hendrix and Bonamassa.

Check out the latest from Kenny Wayne Shepherd and band How I Go.

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