Florence + The Machine dazzles a sold out Eagles Ballroom

Her awe inspring vocals and dazzling melodies will catch your attention even at the lowest volumes. Her music and lifestyle counters much of today’s controversial modern music stars. Florence Welch of Florence + The Machine has grown to be a huge inspiration to a lot of people since she has made it to international fame, and there was no absence of admiration at her Milwaukee tour stop.

The sold out historic Eagles Ballroom gave a very warm welcome to Florence + The Machine with the roaring yells of the guys and high pitched screams of women. The mostly 20-30 year old demographic didn’t surprise me, but what did was the absence of younger people. A lot of students really like Florence, but there just weren’t as many as I expected there to be. Nonetheless, the crowd was very controlled, yet on their toes when Florence Welch took the stage.

Her presence brought the ballroom into a roar of screams as she slowly paced her way out to the microphone. Her lavish dress was something that I’ve come to expect after seeing videos and photos of her previous performances. She wore it for a good portion of the show (mostly the beginning) and on occasion flaunted across the stage, dress and arms flying through the air. Calmly examining the thunderous crowd, Florence softly began the lyrics to her opening song “Only If For A Night” followed by the rest of the band.

Florence’s powerful vocals filled the ballroom for a solid hour and a half without ever missing a note. The magic she brought to her fans was simply phenomenal and at times gave me goosebumps.

Florence + The Machine’s overall performance was astounding as well. Every member of the band gave their all throughout the night and complemented Florence’s performance. The ambient flurry of notes coming from the guitar and harp, booming echoes from the drums, and everything else came together nicely like a well oiled machine that created a stellar and dazzling experience.

My favorite performance of the night: “Cosmic Love”

Setlist: Only If For a Night – What the Water Gave Me – Cosmic Love – Between Two Lungs – Rabbit Heart – Interlude – Spectrum – Harp Interlude – Heartlines – Leave My Body – Lover to Lover – You Got the Love – Shake it Out – Dog Days – Never Let Me Go – No Light No Light

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