Garbage trashes the Eagles Ballroom

Being absent from Milwaukee for nearly eight years had left Milwaukee fans wondering if Garbage would ever make it back. But when the final dates of their year long Not Your Kind of People tour had been released, revealing that the iconic alternative band would be ending the tour in Milwaukee and Madison, our eyes got a little glossy.

It was a special night for everyone, that’s for sure. Addressing the crowd with first words, “wow this is so amazing”, was clear indicator that it would be a sweet night, not only for fans of Garbage, but also Garbage themselves.

“I have so many memories of this venue…it’s kind of crazy”, Manson continued. “In the 17 years Garbage has been a band, they’ve made amazing progress on the dressing rooms downstairs” she joked.

Throughout those 17 years, Garbage has made remarkable progress as well. Establishing themselves as one of the top dogs of alternative/industrial rock was no easy task, but their bold music and even ballsier live performances got them there.

Shirley spearheading Garbage makes their clean, grungy-industrial style all the more in-your-face. She’s very authoritative on stage, but not so much as to demand all the attention. The three front members, Shirley, Duke, and Steve, interacted equally with the closest members of the crowd, but for much of the show it was all business. They’re sharp performers, there’s no doubt about that.

Garbage has defined their genre for quite a while now, heck they’ve even invented a genre, only sharing with similar artists like Angelfish, Hole, and No Doubt. Shirley’s unmistakable vocals are perfect for buttoning down those chunky lead guitar riffs, especially on hit songs like “I Think I’m Paranoid” and “Automatic Systematic Habit”.

A tasteful amount of newer material from Not Your Kind of People was mixed with the older, more popular stuff from a little earlier in their career. The Milwaukee crowd didn’t seem to care much though. If it was anything Garbage they were happy to hear it.

Setlist: Automatic Systematic Habit – I Think I’m Paranoid – Blood for Poppies – Metal Heart – Control – Why Do You Love Me – Queer – #1 Crush – Man on a Wire – Cup of Coffee – Special – Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go!) – As Heaven Is Wide – The Trick Is to Keep Breathing – Milk – When I Grow Up – Only Happy When It Rains – Vow – Not Your Kind of People —- Push It – Stupid Girl – You Look So Fine

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