Gary Allan & Rodney Atkins rock Country Throwdown, Summerfest

Headlining the Miller Lite Oasis last night was country star Gary Allan, performing on the Country Throwdown tour with Rodney Atkins, Josh Thompson and Sunny Sweeny (Potawatomi Stage). It’s not often that we see a whole lot of country on the grounds stages at Summerfest but this year is proving to be a little different. Most of the music is more universal, but Miller Lite and Summerfest did a great job with bringing Gary Allan and friends to town judging by the crowd they drew.

I caught Rodney Atkins at the beginning of his set playing “Farmer’s Daughter” with the crowd singing along for the most part. He and his band were pretty comfortable onstage with the large crowd and easily played through a good sized set of country music.

No cowboy hat for Rodney Atkins though, he sported a baseball cap and Milwaukee Brewers t-shirt, a real crowd pleaser.

Taking the stage right at 10pm, Gary Allan was welcomed by a roar of screaming and yelling as he appeared at the rear of the stage on a riser just in front of the “It’s Miller Time” sign.

I enjoyed Gary Allan’s set. It was filled with a little bit of old and a little bit of new, but that seems to be the norm with a lot of concerts these days. Most of Gary Allan’s songs were readily identifiable by most people passing by and especially by the abundance of fans in the crowd.

Gary’s music is different than a lot of country these days. It’s not so much “pure” country as it is a mix of rock, country, a little alternative if you know what I mean. More people can enjoy his music than just the die hard country fan.

Check out Gary Allan on the Country Throwdown tour and listen to his new album Icon.

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