ThinkTank ShapeShifter – Travel Review

More and more photographers are traveling with their gear. Whether it be a weekend trip to a national park to photograph sunrises and sunsets or the long haul to a foreign country, photographers demand safe options to transport their gear. Rollers, backpacks, and shoulder bags all come to mind when we think of stuffing away […]

A tank for your gear, Pelican S130 Camera/Laptop Backpack

The Pelican S130 camera/laptop backpack is one of the few of its kind. Over the years, I’ve observed a slight disconnect between many companies and customers when it comes to protection for both laptop and camera equipment. While there are many brands who “do it right” and many who don’t, I’ve yet to come across […]

Induro CM34 Monopod Review

Photographers have endless options when it comes to getting the shots they need. There are lenses for everything. Lenses for wide angles, lenses for long distances, and lenses for perspective change. Most work flawlessly on their own, but it’s the long lenses that can be tricky in certain situations. Live music photographers are among the […]

iKan Explorer Backpack – Review

Music photographers know all about pit bags and non-pit bags. In fact, illuminoise. even touched on the topic a bit in our review of the Vanguard Quovio 41. Some bags are just too big for active pit use and illuminoise. came to the conclusion, as do many other music photographers, that backpacks are not approved for pit […]

Vanguard Quovio 41 – Review

I’ve used my fair share of standard photography shoulder bags. Bags from all sorts of companies that are known for their top notch relationships with photographers and videographers. More recently, Vanguard has found my gear in one of their bags, and although I enjoy my smaller, more accessible “pit bags” the Vanguard Quovio 41 has a real […]

BlackRapid Sport Camera Strap – Review

To some photographers a strap is something used everyday with their gear. To others it’s just something that gets used once and a while. Regardless of use, camera straps must be able to stand up to the most demanding of tasks. After all, they latch on to some very expensive gear so would you really […]

Gepe CardSafe Extreme – Review

As a photographer you spend thousands of dollars on gear that’s sealed from the harsh elements brought about by everyday use. Lenses, camera bodies, bags; but what about memory cards? Chances are, they’re not as safe as you think. The Gepe CardSafe Extreme gives photographers peace of mind when it comes to protecting the photos […]

Glidecam HD2000 Camra Stabilization System Review

In the world of video image stabilization there are hundreds of solutions for upping project potential to the professional level. There are image stabilizing lenses, image stabilizing software, and a slew of other mechanical fixes for helping dampen the dreaded vibration of handheld cameras. Although these solutions are usually great fixes for the problem at […]

Pelican Cases 1085 Hardback Review

It’s great for traveling photographers to have the ability to thoroughly protect their gear. A photographer’s computer is probably one of the most important tools he or she will use, next to the camera of course, and it should be kept safe with the most reliable gear around. The Pelican 1085 hardback caught my eye as something […]

ThinkTank Speed Racer v2.0 Review

If you’ve read any of the gear reviews on this site, or the old site, you’ve probably noticed we’ve reviewed a few pieces of ThinkTank photo gear. Well, that’s because we like them, a lot. ThinkTank isn’t just another photo bag company that churns out mediocre merchandise that compares to everything else. They produce top notch, […]

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