Gettin’ ‘Stoopid’ in Milwaukee

Winter in the Midwest is often dismal and boring, missing the luster of long summer nights and an ice-cold beer. More often than not, we need a little boost to pry us from the all too common seasonal depression. That’s exactly what fans got when Slightly Stoopid and Tribal Seeds made a stop in Milwaukee on their Spring 2013 tour.

Top Of The World, Slightly Stoopid’s summer 2012 release was the hot topic of the night. The album has received mostly positive reviews, including an early illuminoise review. Top Of The World isn’t any sort of drastic change from other Slightly Stoopid albums, but it has character in its own way from the band taking influence from other reggae artists.

Tribal Seeds opened the night for Slightly Stoopid. Though the crowd was a little thin at the time, it was no measure of the vibe and excitement that trailed along with every song.

Though similar in style to Slightly Stoopid, Tribal Seeds lean more on the pure reggae side. A little more steel drum and organ shuffle brought were reminiscent of the days of Bob Marley and reminded me of current artists like Barrington Levy. Music wasn’t the only thing that reminded me of the reggae legends.

Most reggae/pop bands are very similar to the modern-day jam bands in music. There’s still vocals of course, but a lot of jammin’ around on guitars, saxophones, drums, and organs fills the time. It’s nice to experience a break away from the boring power chords of rock. There are no rough edges here, it’s a time to unwind.

Slightly Stoopid are well known for their jams. More of a mix of reggae and soft rock than pure reggae like Tribal Seeds, they aren’t any less firmly rooted in the genre.

The band backing up the two frontmen of Slightly Stoopid, Miles Doughty and Kyle McDonald, was fantastic, featuring extensive percussion and brass. Although the two have their niche instruments, they enjoyed switching roles and alternating singing various songs.

“2am” is one of the band’s biggest hits and you can bet it was played alongside newer songs like “Top Of The World” and “Don’t Stop”. A tasteful mix of music from their earlier days stitched together with those sweet slap style guitar chords and wailing brass satisfied everyone for the 90 minute set.

For such a chill show with relaxed vibes there were some pretty wild fans at times. It seemed like everyone had a beer in their hand and was dancing right along with their neighbor. The age group for this music is obviously a little older, but with the growing popularity of the folk-funk-hiphop-reggae blend I’d expect Slightly Stoopid to experience fantastic response on the remainder of their Spring tour. Heck, we’ll probably even see them in summertime again.

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