Gigantour battles tough crowd in Chicago

With the plethora of tours and massive festivals this summer, there’s little shortage of musical entertainment. If you’re into metal, of course there’s Gigantour, Megadeth’s seemingly annual summer tour boasting bands they’ve handpicked with themselves headlining. But this year it seems like they’ve run into some issues. The problem isn’t the bill, it’s the fans.

Gigantour tumbled through Chicago this week, distancing themselves from downtown, performing at the rather remote Allstate Arena. With only around 1500 tickets sold, an arena was not the right venue. It’s almost discouraging for the bands on the tour, especially the opening acts.

Death Division played for only about 200 heads while for former Metallica bassist’s Jason Newsted’s band ‘Newsted’ had more luck as a few slowly trickled in on the pit floor.

After a handful of songs, Newsted traded his bass for a guitar, taking lead on new song “Skyscraper”.

Hellyeah dug up some energy more so to entertain themselves as fans were rather dead. They were good, but Hellyeah was getting a little testy when the crowd wouldn’t get into it. With the exception of a little moshing there wasn’t much to look at but a few hundred people and thousands of empty seats.

Device vocalist David Draiman, also of Disturbed, played a set a little more sinister than the rest, blending more of a modern metal with a dab of electronics.  Taking note of the half alseep crowd, he jabbed, “Ladies ladies ladies what are you doing? The answer is absolutely nothing”.

“You’re killing my fu*kin’ vibe dude, if you’re half asleep I might have to pour something on you!” he yelled, followed by stern cheers from the fans who were throwing down. “Maybe you should go across town to the United Center for Justin Bieber because that’s more your style.”

Device was one of the better performances of the night prior to the biggies Black Label Society and Megadeth. It was rather refreshing to hear Draiman call out the pitiful crowd.

Shredding at any moment he could get, Zakk Wylde of Black Label Society had fans stirred up a little more, but most were just bobbing their head along with the chunky riffs.

Wylde blistered through a lengthy 7 minute guitar solo though it was clear no one could rile the show like Megadeth who were met by roaring chants. Megadeth sounded crisp and clear, as most of the bands did, powering through classic hits and a few new songs, but there was no missing the mostly vacant arena.

If Gigantour wants to survive they’d better figure out how to fill their shows, especially in an A market city.


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