GIGANTOUR Obliterates The Eagles Ballroom

Gigantour tore through Milwaukee last night at the Eagles Ballroom fueling Milwaukee’s long time love for metal. Reaching the midpoint of the tour, passing through the heart of the Midwest, Gigantour proved once again to be the “rip your face off” show of the year. Featuring Megadeth, Motörhead, Volbeat, and Lacuna Coil, Gigantour was as big as ever, bringing some of the hottest names in metal to cities across the nation.

Making their stop at The Eagles Ballroom, a place all too common to heavy metal, put Milwaukee in for a real treat. Although booked on a Sunday night, Milwaukee and our metal roots didn’t let Gigantour down as showed up in the thousands.

As Lacuna Coil started their set at 630 sharp, the crowd continued to trickle in through the length of their performance. Nearly all opening bands don’t get the crowd response they deserve, but in this case most of the ballroom erupted for Lacuna Coil, especially in the area nearest the stage. As expected, Lacuna Coil threw down pretty hard and did a fantastic job of setting the bar for what was to come.

Oddly enough, most of the crowd nearest the stage were younger than you’d expect. Seeing as the headliners were in their prime back in the 80’s and 90’s you’d think the demographic would be quite different. More of the middle aged crowd that you would expect were near the back of the venue, casually looking on as their youth counterparts had most of the fun.

This was most apparent when Volbeat took the stage shortly after Lacuna Coil. Starting strong with “A Warrior’s Call”, Volbeat really pumped up the crowd and threw gasoline on the already big fire that Lacuna started. Chanting “VOLBEAT!” every chance they got, the crowd roared in excitement for these guys. I’d have to say this was also my favorite performance of the night, really taking me by surprise. Not letting up for anything, Volbeat powered through an awesome set-list and cranked the rowdiness of the crowd up tenfold. Shortly before leaving the stage, Volbeat broke into an improve Slayer song fragment for some well deserve chanting and applause.

As Motörhead eventually took the stage, things seemed to wind down a bit, as they and Volbeat have vastly different genres of music from different generations. You either loved or hated Motörhead’s performance. Personally, I was not very enthused or impressed by their set, though. From what Motörhead as been hyped up to be I though they were less than enjoyable and lacked the energy than Lacuna and Volbeat brought to Gigantour, but that might just be the way they are. Overall, Motörhead seemed a little dry in addition to being unbearably loud to the point where I couldn’t hear much of Lemmy’s vocals. At one point Phil Campbell (guitars) even asked for the volume to be turned up.

As I was proven very wrong, the crowd seemed to really enjoy Motörhead with the majority of crowd surfing taking place during their set. Immediately after they left the stage the crowd signaled that many of them were there for Motörhead only. As it neared the time for Megadeth to sink their teeth into the Milwaukee crowd, many fans left and the ballroom thinned out a noticeable amount. Don’t get me wrong, there were A LOT of people who stayed for Megadeth, but not as many as Motörhead.

Things really got crazy as Megadeth took the stage. The clean stage setup, stacks of Marshalls, and extravagant lighting show really brought Megadeth up to a superior level showing everyone who’s boss. Shortly after starting their spectacular show, Megadeth brought out Cristina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil to sing a duet with lead vocalist Dave Mustaine. Needless to say this was a truly special moment for all fans of either band. Through thrashy riffs and crisp guitar solos, Megadeth gave the crowd a run for their money, putting on a great show.

Trust – Wake Up Dead – A Tout Le Monde w/Crisina – Hangar 18 – She Wolf – Foreclosure of a Dream – Dawn Patrol – Poison Was the Cure – Headcrusher – Public Enemy – Whose Life – Guns, Drugs & Money, Symphony, Peace Sells, Holy Wars

Intro/A Warrior’s Call – Guitar Gangster – Human – Sad Man – Goat – Who They Are – Fallen – Mirror – Pool Of Booze – Still Counting/Slayer

Lacuna Coil
Intro – Our Truth – Upside Down – Fragile – Kill The Light – Trip The Darkness – Spellbound

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