Godsmack lays out Rock USA

Rock USA continued into the weekend with Sevendust, Chevelle, and headliner Godsmack for another solid addition into their well placed lineup.

But does this year measure up to the to the two years prior? Avenged Sevenfold and Godsmack measure up high, but Twisted Sister doesn’t really do their highly-boasted-about fourth day justice, especially with the one hour headliner sets.

And to top that off we may not even see Van Halen seeing as how most of their last tour was cancelled and never made up for. This year is iffy.

A concert just isn’t as special when the sun is up. Chevelle took on Rock USA just as night fell, but later in the set was where the real fun was.

Frontman Pete Loeffler had to work a little to get the mostly laid back fans to get up and sing along. Their more popular numbers were favorites among Rock USA but it was obvious most of them were there for Godsmack.

The Chicago natives often visit The Rave in Milwaukee where they’ve had better luck with Wisconsin rock fans.

Unfortunately where most of those fans end up is in the general admission section fenced off behind the soundboard and a lot of that energy has little chance of bouncing back on to the band.

It does it wild at Rock USA don’t get me wrong, festival planners just need to find bands that better compliment each other on the respective nights.

And if that weren’t enough, the nearly two hour set change overs continued into the third night. Come on Rock USA, do you really need to sell beer that bad?

Godsmack was as ferocious as ever, frontman Sully Erna mastering his leading role in the band.

They’re not quite metal though come close to the fine line between that and heavy rock. Laying down thick drum lines laced with powerful guitar riffs is no problem.

Following a three song run with a smelting guitar solo from Tony Rombola stretched ten minutes with roaring applause from fans.

“You still alive out there Wisconsin?” Sully had to wake up Rock USA once or twice, but they learned their lesson during “Cryin’ Like A Bitch”. The festival would’ve had a ton more energy if general admission was allowed half the front of the stage.

“Wisconsin I need everything you got right now!”

Godsmack was tight and well rounded at Rock USA, extending their current tour to a few festivals.

If you couldn’t catch Godsmack at Rock USA they’ll be at The Rave/Eagles Club in Milwaukee, WI on August 4th if indoors is more your thing.



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