Godsmack shakes up Milwaukee’s Sunday night

Rock kingpin Godsmack made a return visit to Wisconsin kicking off the first weekend in August. With the end of summer in sight die hard Godsmack fans were relieved to have a second chance at catching the tour after their powerful headlining performance at Oshkosh’s Rock USA.

It seems all is well with the high intensity group, drawing an bolstering Eagles Ballroom crown on a Sunday night. After indication that the band was going to take some time off the summer tour comes as a pleasant surprise to fans let down by the 2012 announcement.

Where festivals don’t allow the same intimacy as a club setting, smaller venues mixed in with the traditional summer style tour keep things interesting for both fans and band.

AC/DC’s “For Those About To Rock” chimes in in its entirety just before Godsmack takes the stage – similar to what we saw at Rock USA. “Straight Out Of Line” and “Awake” strike off the first quarter hour with Sully bouncing back and forth between mics and the drum riser, often taunting fans with signs and cameras in the front row.

The guys do a great job at keeping the energy going, Sully especially. More than anyone he loves to jam out to the chunky breakdown of “Awake”. Godsmack is known for mixing catchy riffs with a melodic chorus just short of taking it too far. You’d think they’ve been around since the late 80’s, but in reality they’ve still got a long and prosperous road in front of them.

This tour doesn’t come without a little sacrifice though. With 2010’s The Oracle being the band’s newest album, we’ve been craving new Godsmack for quite awhile. After this tour it seems we might be in luck-  Sully indicating a new album could be put into the works in early 2014.

AC/DC Intro – Straight Out Of Line – Awake – Realign – War & Peace – Oracle – Cryin’ Like A Bitch – Enemy – Good Day – Keep Away – Speak – Voodoo – Love-Hate-Sex-Pain – Moon Baby – Whatever – I Stand Alone

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