Green Day tackles the Midwest

After being briefley dethroned as modern day punk kings, Green Day has finally made their way back into the spotlight, this time in a more positive fashion. Having to postpone many tour dates due to troubles with vocalist Billie Joe Armstrong the band was facing some tough times, but after a few weeks off everything seems to be getting back in sync.

The release of the ¡Uno! ¡Dos! ¡Tré! trilogy has received generally positive reviews, but was a bit less appreciated than previous work. It surely wasn’t anything drastically different, though it was what Green Day does best.

Although suffering from an early speed-bump, the 2013 tour is off to a fantastic reboot. The first two nights charged through the Midwest with extremely positive shows and exuberant energy. I’ve come to expect nothing less from Green Day, but they’re really throwing down early on.

Rocketing onto the stage for “99 Revolutions” kicked off the show in classic Green Day style. Sensory overload ensued with all the running around, jumping, and screaming. Heck, Billie Joe even pulled a fan out of the crowd, egging her to dive off the stage into the crowd. “There’s only one way down from here” he said with an ear-to-ear grin.

“Everybody up, everybody up!” “Let’s do the wave on the count of three!”

It was obvious Billie Joe was enjoying himself with the blaring crowd. “Quad Cities let’s go fuc*ing crazy!!” And in a moment of astonishment he had to step back and take in the noise level. “Fu*k you, this is the Midwest”. Bottomless energy flowed from song to song without as much as a few seconds for a breather.

“Holiday” was one of the night’s more rowdy songs. Green Day and the crowd killed it. Billie Joe Armstrong may have his problems, but he’s a top-notch performer, that’s for sure.

Later in the set the band turned back the clock to the earlier days of Green Day. “How many vintage Green Day fans are out there?” It was evident who’d been a fan since the early 90’s and who was patiently waiting for anything off 1994’s Dookie.

Classics like “Longview”, “Basket Case”, and “When I Come Around” weren’t going to come without a little screwing around on stage. Power washers dousing fans, leaf blowers shooting toilet paper, and a t-shirt canon all brought a truckload of fun to the second part of the set.

Hilarity continued when Green Day covered parts of “Sweet Child O Mine”, “Hey, Jude” and “Highway to Hell” segwaying into their smash hit “Brain Stew”.

While Green Day has been long overdue, their Quad Cities performance was easily one of my instant favorites. If Green Day can hold it together it’ll only get better and better.

Setlist: 99 Revolutions – Know Your Enemy – Stay The Night – Stop When The Red Lights Flash – Letterbomb – Oh Love – Holiday – Boulevard of Broken Dreams – Hitchin’ A Ride – Brain Stew – St. Jimmy – 2000 Light Years Away – Paper Lanterns – When I Come Around – Longview – Basket Case – She – King For A Day – American Idiot – Jesus Of Suburbia – Brutal Love

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