Harley Davidson 110th anniversary kicks off with Toby Kieth & Dave Grohl

Thousands of bikers weren’t the only think keeping Milwaukee busy over the Labor Day weekend. As the chrome rolled into Brew City so did a talented lineup of country and rocks hottest music starts dotting the music landscape of the past 30+ years celebrating Harley Davidson’s 110th anniversary of making the worlds best motorcycles. The weekend kicked off early with Toby Keith taking the Marcus Amphitheater for a fun ride through his new hits along with a dash of the classics we all remember from radio.

Headlining and supported by rising country star Kip Moore, Keith was welcomed back to Milwaukee with open arms by the friendly crowd. Harley-Davidson riders are a great big family and nothing goes better with a family reunion than music to tie them all together.

Toby Keith has been noticeably absent from Milwaukee in recent years so he made sure to make up for it with a select few songs you just won’t ever hear on radio. “I’ll Never Smoke Weed With Willie Again” had everyone singing along in the chorus, forcing a smile on nearly everyone’s face.

“There’s a lot of you that got em in your garages but only 10% of you that ride ’em all the way to Milwaukee!” “And I’m proud to say I’ve got 3 or 4 of ’em sittin’ in my garage”. “How about we do a little toast!”

It’s not hard to satisfy this crowd. They’re only looking for a good time with their friends and some good music to hang out around. Everyone respects one another and enjoys themselves as much as they can.

Other acts around the grounds made for a good time as well – heck, even half of Foo Fighters made a surprise under the radar performance as cover band “Chevy Metal”.

Dave Grohl and Foo drummer Taylor Hawkins came together with the other have of the Chevy Metal lineup cranking out classic rock hits. Grohl just loved the crowd and had a great time. I’m sure everyone there enjoyed the nice surprise. Even as their set ended, fans still trickled in one by one after catching word that Grohl was there.

If you made it past the awe of endless Harley bikes lining every space of Milwaukee streets there was surely something for you amongst all the entertainment on the Summerfest grounds. The Harley Davidson 110th enjoyed nothing short of a fantastic start and the outlook looks promising for the remainder of the weekend.

Toby Keith

Kip Moore

Chevy Metal

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