Hollywood Undead intimidate Summerfest

Another year of Hollywood Undead coming to Summerfest has brought out an even bigger crowd than previous appearances at last year’s Summerfest and Rock USA. Appearing once again on the Summerfest Rock stage, Hollywood Undead brought some hard hitting songs and a ton of energy to their Summerfest show.

Thousands of fans turned out for the Saturday night show in support of a band than mixes rap and hard rock to create a truly one of a kind type of music and an even more entertaining stage performance.

There’s no shortage of a good time at any Hollywood Undead show. Fans throwing up the horns, all of Hollywood Undead screaming at the top of their lungs to songs about their life and home state of California.

As any Hollywood Undead fan knows, most of the band wear masks. Now, the masks don’t stay on permanently. After the first few songs at each Hollywood Undead show they take them off and reveal their faces to the crowd for the rest of the show. It would be kind of difficult to run around rapping and screaming behind those masks all night.

Saturday night’s Summerfest performance was no exception to the intimidating style that Hollywood Undead brings with them wherever they go. This show was loud and very very rowdy. Fans screaming back at HU as HU screamed at them. Passers by that haven’t heard of Hollywood Undead would have cringed…unless they liked what they heard that is.

Although the night was a cool one compared to the hundred degree temperatures earlier in the week, Hollywood Undead brought the heat back to Summerfest. Members of HU even shared a couple bottles of Champagne on stage early in the show.

Music from their first album, Swan Songs always seems to dominate Hollywood Undead’s setlist, but ever since their April 2011 release American Tragedy a good mix of both fantastic albums come out in their live performances and get a lot of acclaim when the crowd’s noise level rivals the band’s.

illuminoise will catch up with Hollywood Undead when they perform in Oshkosh, WI at 2012’s Rock USA. Check out the rest of their tour here.

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