Incubus Rocks Sold Out Riverside Theater

Emerging from their brief hiatus, releasing the follow up to 2006’s Light Grenades, and embarking on a world tour, Incubus has finally found their way out of hiding and back onto the music scene. Although their short hiatus was a friendly break from the chaos of the music industry, Incubus fans around the world were beyond happy to see them producing and performing once again.

If Not Now, When?, the 2011 follow up to Light Grenades, was a bit different than what I had expected out of an Incubus album. The sound is different, the feel is different. It doesn’t sound like the “original” Incubus, but still retains traces of the band’s highly successful past. Despite being different, I felt the album sat well with the band coming off hiatus. The feel of the new material seemed brighter, mirroring the new chapter in the band’s relationship with the music world.

Carrying the energy and work put into their new album, Incubus set out on a world tour to promote If Not Now, When?. After touring for the better part of a year, Incubus finally made their way to The Riverside Theater in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Apparently their return from wherever they went has built up in fans some eagerness to see them again. The Milwaukee show sold out pretty fast, and if Incubus were to play a two consecutive shows in Milwaukee, I’m sure they would’ve sold out again. The excitement and tension amongst fans in Milwaukee could be felt in the weeks prior as Twitter exploded with exited concertgoers.

As the sold out Riverside Theater prepared for a big night of music, fans formed a line outside and down the river walk in hopes of winning the coveted front row spot in the general admission race to the front of the theater.

Patiently waiting for two hours without taking a breath for the non-existant opening band, fans were finally relieved to see their musical heros take the stage and immediately tear into Privilege. As the theater erupted with screaming fans and a surprisingly rowdy crowd, Incubus countered with the gritty grind of their signature guitar, bass, and drum combination sweetened by Brandon Boyd’s easily recognizable vocals.

Everyone was easily riled up within the first 30 seconds and the excitement only took off from there. Brandon’s energy and the electrifying music to go along with it got everyone off their feet and dancing around, especially to the tune of Chris Kilmore (turntables).

A quick segway into “Megalomaniac” kept the energy flowing, and as a few people were quickly pulled from the crowd for having a little too much fun, Incubus carried on through one of their greatest songs putting a smile on thousands of loyal fans. Boyd kept it fresh as he switched around from just singing to grabbing a guitar and jamming along to a couple songs with lead guitarist, Mike Einziger.

Incubus started off the night on the right foot. Mixing in a bit of their new material with their most noticeable songs, and a few very early songs, they assembled a solid variety of all things Incubus. I was extremely impressed at their amazing performance throughout the night, though I would’ve really liked to see them play Aqueous Transmission (one of my personal favorites).

If you weren’t able to make it out to this sold out show in Milwaukee, Incubus will be joining Linkin Park and Mutemath on the Honda Civic tour, making a stop in Tinley Park, IL. I highly suggest going to any show with Incubus if you’re looking for an energetic and unforgettable experience.

Setlist: Privilege – Megalomaniac – Adolescents – Anna Molly – If Not Now, When? – Pardon Me – Promises – A Crow Left Of The Murder – In The Company Of Wolves – Drive – Earth To Bella 1&2 – Consequence – Nice To Know You – Switchblade – Wish You Were Here – Certain Shade of Green – Sick Sad Little World – A Kiss To Send Us Off – Warning

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