Jane’s Addiction blows Milwaukee away, Eagles Ballroom

Stopping in for a visit to Brew City were 90’s alternative rockers, Jane’s Addiction. Concluding the first leg of the “Theatre of the Escapists” tour, Jane’s Addiction went out with a bang, in no better place than Milwaukee.

Black Box Rebellion, opening for Jane’s Addiction, had the crowd going from the get go. The 2 piece from Brussels was surprisingly pleasant to listen to and had some great original music. For being only a 2 person band, they really knew how to entertain and crank out some very good music. These guys faintly remind me of Smashing Pumpkins due to the singer having a sort of Corgan-esque to his voice along with some of the nicely placed melodic tunes in their set list.

As this was their night on the Jane’s Addiction tour, fellow crew-mates had a few jokes of their own which included toilet papering the drum kit and guitar before Black Box Rebellion made it to the stage. Playing for about a half hour, Black Box Rebellion proved they were actually a quality opening band compared to a lot of openers that just hang out for 20 minutes.

After what seemed like a longer than normal wait, Jane’s Addiction took the stage, lifting the ballroom into a roar of excitement. From the very first note, singer Perry Farrell had the crowd on their toes as he danced around the stage showing off his excess of energy. Perry is such a showman, interacting with the crowd the entire night, encouraging the crowd surfers and stage jumpers, even pulling out a bottle of tequila and bottle of wine. Very entertaining.

An exotic side performance by some dancers and other actors of the band went on during and throughout the entire show. Lightly dress twins made their way around the stage and up into mid air behind the band during the show making for an interesting performance overall.

Perry and Dave Navarro seem to play very well with each other, complimenting each others talent on stage. For the most part, Navarro was very relaxed during the show, effortlessly wailing away on his guitar.

Jane’s Addiction also had a quick semi-acoustic sit down session for “Classic Girl”, “Jane Says”, and “Chip Away”. Everyone really enjoyed it and it really put an angle on the professionalism of Jane’s Addiction taking time to change up their performance, setting them apart from many others. Although a sit down, Perry could not sit still as the show man in him was just itching to find its way out.

Perry’s energy seemed to be similar to the crowd as well; several attempts were made at jumping for the stage. As one crazed fan finally made his way over the barrier, landing face first in the pit, security tried getting to him as fast as possible. But not in time for him to climb up the stage and dance around with Perry, eventually diving back into the crowd from the stage after security almost tackled him onstage. Rather exciting to say the least.

Jane’s Addiction’s performance was nothing less than spectacular. The intensity of the show was just amazing. At the end, the band members even stayed for handshakes in addition to Perry handing out his tequila and wine. What a great way to end the tour. I highly recommend you catch Jane’s Addiction on the second leg of the “Theatre of the Escapists” tour if you’re looking for a great time.

Setlist: Underground – Mountain Song – Just Because – Been Caught Stealing – Ain’t No Right – Ted, Just Admit It – Twisted Tales – Classic Girl – Chip Away – End to the Lies – Three Days – Stop – Words Right Out of My Mouth – Pigs in Zen


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