Kata Bags 3N1-22 Review

With hundreds of camera bags on the market today, photographers have a vast selection to choose from. Kata Bags knows this and have excelled at setting themselves apart from the rest of the crowd. I’ve had the chance to use the Kata 3N1-22 and was extremely impressed with the functionality and build quality, something that a lot of companies slack on.The 3N1-22 is an impressively versatile camera bag. With the ability to transform from a left sling to a right sling to backpack style bag, it attracts all users that might not want to compromise on just a backpack or sling bag. Additionally the bag features a handy semi-padded belt system that easily secures with a buckle. Although I am not a fan of any type of belt system, I thought the waist strap was lacking in a way. I felt the waist strap could have been a bit bulkier, but that’s just me. There is also a nice hefty handle on the top of the bag if you chose to carry it by hand. The 3N1-22 also includes a sturdy D-ring you could use to secure a tripod to, but given the smaller size of the bag I would advise against it.

In addition to the extensive amount of ways you can configure the bag to sit, the bag’s layout was pretty cool. I got the feeling that this was almost like a James Bond type backpack because of the cool configuration of storage compartments, and lets face it, it just looks cool. First of all the Kata Bags 3N1-22 features a slick compartment for your netbook or iPad. It’s not very large, so don’t go thinking you can fit your 13″ MacBook Pro in there, it won’t. I suggest you save the “full size” laptops for the Kata 3n1-33 or the Kata Beetle-282. With that said, this factor might limit the amount of photographers that might find this bag useful. Secondly, this bag is unlike any other. Its main compartment opens up from the one side down to through the bottom to the other and is symmetrical. This design gives users an innovative way to use the sling feature of the 3N1-22 to whip the bag around and drop their camera in through the side, almost like a holster. When you’re not drawing your camera out of either side of the bag, the bottom fully unzips for unlimited access to all your gear.

The Kata 3N1-22 doesn’t fit just netbooks and tablets or configure its straps in cool ways; it stores photo equipment! Lots of stuff can be put into this medium sized bag. With the internal compartments configured, which by the way are completely customizable, you can fit body (with grip) and lens attached, 3-4 lenses, and external flash. Also included is a handy memory card pouch that can be Velcro’d to any part of the inside of the bag. On the left and right sides of the bag there are also small compartments for extra storage of smaller items such as money, credentials, cleaning items or whatever small items you may have. Personally I would see this bag as more of a walk around bag rather than a heavy travel or project bag. Dimensions are: 44cm (h) 23.5cm (l) 23cm (w).

On the top of the bag there is also a nice storage area that can possibly store another smaller lens or external flash. It’s sort of a squarish compartment to store everything that has nothing to do with you photo equipment. Possibly some lunch or your cell phone? Just another handy space for all your stuff.

On the road and at concerts I thought this bag was pretty cool, but for my taste I’d prefer something else. Though I didn’t like it for concert I did find it very useful for walk around photography and non-intensive situations. I would definitely recommend this bag for its amazing quality and usability. If you like this style of bag but need it a little bigger I would highly suggest the 3N1-33 for more storage. You can get the Kata Bags 3N1-22 at Adorama for about 100 bucks, and trust me it’s money well spent. For more information visit Kata Bags.

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