Kid Rock & ZZ Top pull in Milwaukee, Harley-Davidson 110th

All eyes in the biking world lay on Milwaukee for the world’s largest motorcycle celebration. The Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Company celebrated it’s 110th anniversary over the Labor Day weekend featuring events spanning the city of Milwaukee and surrounding areas, capped off by an influx of bikers to the Summerfest grounds for headlining performances from Kid Rock and ZZ Top.

Since the late ’90s word has gotten around that the monster performer from Michigan can put on a show. Here we are over a decade later and he’s worked his way to into our music catalogs and topping charts. The same fans that enjoy the country-rock roots he was raised on caught on quick to the hip-hop infused upbringing experience and not let go.

Songs like “Cowboy” and “Devil Without A Cause” fire up anyone who’s listened to radio in the last 15 years, but it’s more recent successes like “All Summer Long” that really seal the deal for Kid Rock.

As surprising as it is, he does well with his loose dances to numbers his own and borrowed. Devil Without A Cause is a far shot from Rock n Roll Jesus through Rebel Soul but the slew of Harley riders piled in the amphitheater took them all with ear to ear grins.

And on the other end of the grounds another timeless member of the H-D approved world bolted to the stage bringing back memories of the previous summer’s Summerfest music festival. A favorite of the area, there’s no denying Kid Rock had a little competition with ZZ Top in town a stone’s throw away.

“Gimme All Your Lovin'”, “Sharp Dressed Man”, and “Legs”, are staples of their timeless Texan blues rock trio. Gibbons and Hill form a great pairing that’s stood the test of time, their beards almost being the symbol of a genre and forming the unmistakable image of the band.

Who better to close a half-week long birthday party than these two is tough to come up with, but the 110th will surely go down in Harley-Davidson history as a late summer weekend to drool over.

Kid Rock

ZZ Top

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