Korn Decimates Milwaukee, Eagles Ballroom

Nu-Metal super group KoЯn shook Milwaukee last night, promoting their newest endeavor “The Path of Totality” at the Eagles Ballroom. Bringing that signature KoЯn sound to the new age of Dub-step, KoЯn has successfully fused their own sound with something new, embracing Dub-step in its explosion last year. Not only has KoЯn started to embrace the new age of music, but so has Jonathan Davis (vocals) himself. In his new act “J Devil”, Davis mixes some Dub-step of his own, possibly getting recent inspiration from KoЯn’s newest release featuring Skrillex and other names on the Dub-step scene.

For Milwaukee though, J Devil didn’t seem like much excitement. I wasn’t sure if it was J Devil or Dub-step itself, but the crowd would not have it. J Devil and other supporting artist Sluggo had a rough time getting the crowd fired up and were often left alone as they danced to their own music. Most of the energy seemed to be left on stage while fans simply bobbed their head or tapped their foot. Not the reaction you’d expect Jonathan Davis to get.

Relieving my worries of this show being a flop, KoЯn finally turned the room into chaos as the jumping and surfing started; something you would expect KoЯn fans to do. I was curious as to how the “new” KoЯn would go over with fans judging by their reaction to J Devil, as most of them are die hard supporters of the original KoЯn nu-metal feel. They seemed to be alright with the mix and KoЯn didn’t over-do it either. Starting the show off with hits from “old KoЯn” they eventually eased their way into “new KoЯn” and then back out to their hits, resembling their original sound.

Could this mean “The Path of Totality” is only a project and we will see the old KoЯn come back and product more hits like “Freak on a Leash” and “Here to Stay”? I think some fans are looking forward to that, but many others are embracing the “new KoЯn” on their path to totality. Nonetheless, I would recommenced you give the “new KoЯn” a listen and try their newest artistic fusion.

J Devil


Setlist: Video Intro – Predictable – Lies – No Place To Hide – Helmet in the Bush – Video Segway  – Narcissistic Cannibal – Chaos Lives In Everything – My Wall – Get Up – Way To Far – Video Segway – Here to Stay – Freak on a Leash – Falling Away From Me – Brick in the Wall – Video Outro – Shoots and Ladders/One – Got the Life – Blind

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