LIGHTS Headlines Turner Hall For a Magical Night

Promoting her new album, Siberia, LIGHTS returned to Milwaukee to headline her own show on Oct. 26th. Her style of electropop/indiepop and new dubstep influence on the new album brings a lot of energy to her albums and performances giving fans an upbeat and sometimes emotional experience. Though many of her songs are very upbeat, there are a few that seem to mean little more to her and are slowed down a bit.

LIGHTS’ energy and sparkling personality does not end when she takes the stage. Being one of the more involved musicians I’ve seen in a while, she gets into her music and interacts with her fans to make everyone feel a part of her show. Throughout her show, LIGHTS proved that she is an extremely talented musician belting out some of the most beautiful vocals I’ve heard and further complimenting her talent by playing keyboard, piano, and guitar. I, as well as everyone else, was extremely impressed by her performance at Turner Hall and enjoyed the nice mix of songs. LIGHTS moving back and forth from each side of the stage playing different instruments was also a great change up and great way to get closer to more of her fans.

LIGHTS is a very fan oriented person and it shows that she really cares about the fans that she has. Putting a great amount of emotion and talent into her music shows that she is a very genuine musician and will go very far because of it. LIGHTS on USTREAM LIGHTS on Youtube

LIGHTS was also kind enough to give me an interview (on a Lovesac) where we talked about a few things from making a new song to what she does on tour. I strongly encourage everyone to make it out to one of LIGHTS’ shows; you won’t be disappointed!

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