Lord Huron exceeds expectations, Pabst Theater

Milwaukee loves their indie folk…and their PBR. Lord Huron was no exception to this rule and even as the city seems stuck inside hiding from the brisk weather, quite a few managed to venture out, offering their warmest welcome.

Bumped up from the smaller Turner Hall Ballroom to the historic Pabst Theater, Lord Huron was humbled to say the least, Milwaukee nearly selling out the larger theater. That western frontier indie folk feeling followed in the footsteps of many similar minded bands who’ve graced one of the cities best known venues.

Lord Huron has broken that “indie” barrier with their fall 2013 release¬†Lonesome Dreams.¬†Echoing My Morning Jacket with slightly more pzazz, Lord Huron manages to untangle their thoughts for a sound so familiar, yet all their own.

While some may argue the band’s music is more of the same, Lord Huron proved them sorrily wrong with a strong live performance that easily outdoes chart topping artists. Vocalist Ben Schneider, a Midwest area native himself, lead the band in a powerful groove from song to song, bouncing between guitars, and fashionable fedoras.

While sticking to their roots, Lord Huron mingles with the electronic side of their ideas, though always veers back to their organic vintage glow. Radiating with energy for the entire performance, you’d think they’re seasoned veterans of their genre. Momentum gained from a few pre-LP EP’s, Lord Huron’s first full length studio release¬†Lonesome Dreams was received on a very positive note, the tour proving equally as successful.














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