Mac Miller Electrifies The Eagles Ballroom, 103.7 KISSmas Bash

For the second time this year Mac Miller sold out the Eagles Ballroom in Milwaukee, WI. Touting the status as one of the best new hip-hop artists of our time, Mac Miller brought his electrifying performance and overflow of energy back to Milwaukee for a massive crowd. Promoting his most recent release, “Blue Slide Park,” Mac had the crowd screaming and jumping to hits like “Blue Slide Park,” “Smile Back,” and “Frick Park Market.”

The sizable crowd of mostly young demographic welcomed Mac Miller, Hot Chelle Rae, and Kreayshawn to one of Milwaukee’s most popular shows of the year. Having completely sold out, I expected this to be an intense show. Surprisingly, there could have been a few hundred more people in the ballroom due to everyone packing themselves in as tight as possible.

Opening for Mac Miller, Hot Chelle Rae put on a great performance warming up the waters for what was to come. Playing some of their most recognizable hits got the crowd going, but not as much as I would’ve expected. There wasn’t much to their stage setup and they only played a few songs. I usually expect more from an opening act, but fans were mostly there for Mac anyway.

It was about that time of night when the entire Eagles Ballroom was on ‘the edge of their seats’ patiently waiting for Mac Miller to take the stage. Eventually emerging from the left side of the stage, Mac was greeted with warm Milwaukee welcome of thousands of screaming fans. The atmosphere was deafening, in a good way. It felt like a spew of energy came about the venue when Mac got going. This wave of enthusiasm just rolled out over the crowd creating a surreal moment. During one of Mac’s songs, the ballroom was persistently jumping up and down to the point where I could feel the floor bowing beneath me. Intense… This guy really knows how to put on a show a get his fans going.

In the middle of Mac’s set he showed off some guitar skills and broke into a few fragments of songs including “Santeria,” which was added a nice touch to his already stacked set. Don’t get me wrong, Mac’s set was awesome, but I noticed that he kept playing a verse or two of certain songs and then just ended or went on to the next one. I really was hoping to hear full songs throughout out his set, so this was a bit disappointing to me. Nonetheless Mac’s performance was top notch. Ending the night with “Donald Trump” turned the Eagles Ballroom into something it rarely sees. The immense crowed sang along for most of the song leaving Mac with a big smirk on his face as he left the stage. Making it clear that he had a great time, Mac signaled that he would be back soon.

Mac Miller

Hot Chelle Rae

Mac Miller Setlist:

Best Day Ever – Get Up – Ride Around – Don’t Mind If I Do – The Spins – Oy Vey Acapella – I’ll Be There – Nikes On My Feet – Senior Skip Day – Knock Knock – Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza – *Guitar Part* – Another Night Alone – Best Day Ever Remix – Poppy – English Lane – Blue Slide Park – Party on 5th Ave – Under The Weather – Loitering – My Team – Smile Back – Missed Calls – Man In The Hat – Frick Park Market – Donald Trump

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