Matisyahu chills with Milwaukee

Blended relaxed sounds of reggae and alternative rock filled the historic Eagles club as Matisyahu toured through Milwaukee with co-headliner The Dirty Heads.

Having just released a new album back in late June, The Dirty Heads have been busy promoting their second studio release through extensive touring that have brought them through Milwaukee twice within the past six weeks.

If you’re not familiar with The Dirty Heads, they’re a sort of reggae alternative sounding act. Some songs are fast paced and really energetic and other’s are slower and stretched out for long periods of time. It’s all very chill and relaxed though. The dim and smokey atmosphere of The Rave added to the experience too. Most of The Dirty Heads’ music is pretty loose and laid back so the atmosphere matched their groove.

Strung out cool rhythms of The Dirty Heads were a big hit with the crowd. Dancing around with hands in the air during once songs and jumping up and down to the next, fans seemed to really enjoy the mix of rap, rock, and reggae blended together by The Dirty Heads.

The Dirty Heads’ setlist was a nice mix of material from their first release Any Port In A Storm and new album Cabin By The Sea. With a few of their songs being pretty lengthy and some brief commentary from the band, The Dirty Heads set was pretty long. “Man, Milwaukee is awesome!”

The easy winner of  The Dirty Heads’ set was popular hit “Lay Me Down” judging by the entire Eagles Club singing along. For the most part fans knew of The Dirty Heads and were at the show for them as much as they were for Matisyahu.

The alternative rock/reggae didn’t stop there. It only got better when Matisyahu took the stage shortly after The Dirty Heads cleared off.

Backed by a small three piece band, Matisyahu brought his crisp and very clean reggae sound to life as he opened with “Crossroads,” from his June 2012 release Spark Seeker. Although new, most everyone knew the song as well as they knew material Matisyahu has released years ago.

Clean light illuminated Matisyahu very well and wasn’t as “dirty” an atmosphere as The Dirty Heads ended up being. I felt as thought his set was also a bit tighter and a little more buttoned down than The Dirty Heads, but that’s just the nature of The Dirty Heads loose groove.

Matisyahu’s music is very intriguing. There are some that are more alt. rock than others, and some that have a more reggae feel to them. But it’s Matisyahu’s clean voice that fans can identify almost anywhere.

Though a short setlist Matisyahu set was pretty lengthy, similar to The Dirty Heads. A little less than half of Matisyahu’s set was dominated by new music from Spark Seeker with the rest filled in by past hits and finished off with 2009’s smash hit “One Day.”

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The Dirty Heads Setlist: Hipster – Taint – Neighborhood – Stand Tall – Disguise – Your Love – Cabin By The Sea – Check the Level – Mango – We Rise – Spread Too Thin – Believe – Lay Me Down – Dance All Night – Hip-hop Misfits

Matisyahu Setlist: Crossroads – Exaltation – Darkness – Jerusalem – Obstacles – Time – Sunshine – Youth – Live Like A Warrior – King — One Day

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