Mayer Hawthorne brings out Summerfest soul

Drawing as much as a 10pm headliner would is what Mayer Hawthorne & The County did at 6:30 at the Briggs and Stratton Big Backyard stage at Summerfest.

The R&B/Soul artist who is primarily known for his chill, laid back suggestive songs filled the backyard with a very good amount of people. Mostly late teens to late twenties were at the show, but that didn’t stop Mayer from having a good time.

“If you’re smoking that skunk I want you in the front!” “If not you can just go to the back!” Mayer said with a big grin on his face.

Hawthorne’s clean vocals and feel good lyrics have been giving him some good fame for quite some time and his guitar/singing skills are also a plus as he alternated between just singing and playing guitar for a few songs.

No hardcore metal here, it was a chill end to the first week of Summerfest. Check out Mayer Hawthorne on his current tour; for dates click here.

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