Mayhem rocks on through Chicago

Rockstar Energy Drink’s Mayhem tour tore through Tinley Park, IL (Chicago) over the weekend leaving its mark on the First Midwest Bank Amphitheater. Across the board, the touring bands threw down some amazing performances throughout the day leading up to the night’s huge headlining performances.[photos at bottom]

As Mayhem kicked off early in the afternoon, illuminoise sat down the Mike Hranica of The Devil Wears Prada for a quick interview on touring with Mayhem, comparing it to Vans Warped Tour and a few bits on TDWP’s new DVD/CD release “Dead & Alive”. Check out the interview below!


Shortly after interviewing the frontman of The Devil Wears Prada, Asking Alexandria ramped up the side stage of Mayhem. Welcomed by the high pitched shrieks of the female population on site, Danny Worsnop and the rest of the the British metal-core sensation began their fast paced set through the metal hits that have made them famous. Drawing from Reckless and Relentless and Stand Up And Scream, Asking Alexandria had a pretty entertaining set. Though this performances isn’t the best I’ve seen. Danny wasn’t really into his vocals and kind of casually trekked around on stage for many of the songs. It seemed like it would’ve been asking too much for him to put as much energy into his show as the guys of The Devil Wears Prada. Nonetheless their performance was tight and clean.

After my interview with Mike Hranica and the short set from Asking Alexandria, The Devil Wears Prada stormed the stage for what was expected to be one of the best non-headliner performances of the night. Every time I’ve seen The Devil Wears Prada they’ve always put on an unforgettable show studded with vocalist Mike Hrancia’s unsurpassed energy and the awesome power of his vocals.

illuminoise was impressed with TDWP’s performances last year on Warped Tour and when they visited the Eagles Ballroom in November, but this show easily topped both of those. The Devil Wears Prada came out full force and with the look on Mike Hranica’s face, the faint of heart were nowhere in sight.

A quick intro ripped into “Born to Loose”, a hit from their recent album release Dead Throne. The crowd was going insane. Mike commented on how this was one of the best crowds of the tour, and you can be sure they earned that title. It was pretty intense. As TDWP  charged through their energetic set with fan favorites including “Outnumbered”, “Assistant To The Regional Manager”, and “Danger: Wildman”, they soared to the top of my list of favorite performances.

Anthrax was another heavy hitting band of the night. For his age Scott Ian looks great and can still rock those classic Anthrax songs like he just thought them up. Although they were on the side stage of the festival they put on a high caliber show worthy of the main stage. The reckless crowd turned up the insanity turning the pit of people into madness. They got so wild that security even pulled a one-legged guy and his wheelchair from the front of the crowd. Now THAT is fan loyalty.

But why stop there? Mayhem could’ve called it a day with the awesome lineup that dominated the afternoon the far southwest edge of the greater Chicago area.

The main stage featured a few bands that the music industry has known for quite some time. As I Lay Dying, Motörhead, Slayer, and the headliner, Slipknot. As I Lay Dying had a great set, but I wasn’t drawn in by their music. They have a metal thing going on the like the new wave (last 10 years) of metal-core. Think of them in the same category of AA and TDWP, but let’s not get too caught up on genre. Song after song singer Tim Lambesis screamed and growled to some cool songs, but I need to hear more of these guys to form an opinion.

Motörhead had an extra long set and was far more interesting than when they toured with Megadeth on Gigantour. It was obviously one of the loudest since Lemmy loves to turn up the volume through the show. “If you want us to turn up the volume throw both your hands in the air!” I swear they throw that out there at every Motörhead show.

“SLAYER!” You couldn’t walk a hundred feet without some guy screaming the band’s name at you. But how could you not be excited for Slayer? Loads of pyro and Kerry King’s out of control gotee. After shooting a few frames I though my face was going to melt off as fire blasted through the upside down crucifix representing the Satanistic topics that Slayer has touched on in their music.

Did I mention the massive circle pit on the lawn? It was pretty epic until the yellow shirts of LiveNation crashed their party.

Music wasn’t the only plus of Rockstar’s Mayhem festival. There was free Rockstar energy drink and Rockstar packaged water….if you could survive the massive lines to get some. Also on site were ticket sellers for Rockstar’s Uproar festival coming through those very same grounds in late August. 10 dollar tickets were on sale for the show featuring Shinedown and Godsmack.

I’d have to say I was pretty impressed with Mayhem this year. It was very well thought out and the day wasn’t too hot either. If you can find a date left on the tour and it’s not a smoldering hot day I would suggest catching the show, especially for one of my favorites, The Devil Wears Prada and of course Slipknot.

The Devil Wears Prada


As I Lay Dying



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