Metallica tops off Orion Music + More

What good would the festival you created do if you didn’t have a killer, jaw-dropping headlining performance to melt the faces off all your fans? Not much, but leave it to the boys in Metallica and you’ll get more than you bargained for.

The festival’s arrival in Detroit after the previous year’s weekend in Atlantic City opened the flood gates to all sorts of curiosity about the future of Metallica’s baby. Eventually confirmed, Orion Music + More will be making Detroit it’s permanent home.

A sneaky hour-long appearance by Metallica on day one of the festival was nothing compared to their full blown mega show that could be heard on the outskirts of Detroit and well into Canada. I guess Metallica really couldn’t go both days without an appearance, headlining or not.

Sheer power reined out into the sea of tens of thousands of people only to be returned with crowd surfers, fist pumps, and chants. Vocalist James Hetfield was challenged, but the crowd was squashed like a bug when his fierce, almost terrifying, vocals ripped through a never ending wall of speakers.

Missing from all the introductions of the side-stage bands, Lars Ulrich burned some energy by refusing to sit still, often getting up and running around the side of his drums to clash cymbals.

While Hetfield and Hammett met up for killer guitar poses, Trujillo marched around on stage nearly wrapping himself around his bass guitar at times.

Fans blistering with excitement fell in love with the changing of places and visitations to the far ends of the towering stage. And even if you didn’t have a clear view the sound was impeccable from anywhere in the venue. Crisp and loud would be an understatement.

“Blackened,” from the band’s second album, started the fire, but by the time staples “Master of Puppets,” “Creeping Death,” and “Seek & Destroy” came around to close the set, it was nothing short of a blaze of classic metal.

This is the way a festival should be.

Setlist: Blackened – For Whom the Bell Tolls – Disposable Heroes – Harvester of Sorrow – The Day that Never Comes – Carpe Diem Baby – I Disappear – Sad But True – Welcome Home (Sanitarium) – Orion – One – Master of Puppets – Battery – Nothing Else Matters – Enter Sandman — Turn The Page – Creeping Death – Seek & Destroy

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