Milwaukee ‘Blown Away’ by Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood has been making some waves on her current tour in support of her latest album Blown Away. Her, along with rising and soon to be country superstar, Hunter Hayes, have been very hard at work in the first half of the year with plans to continue through the heat of summer.

What was only supposed to be a lower level arena show exploded into a full blown, nearly sold-out massive country super show thanks to the success of Underwood’s Blown Away and the growing status of fellow country musician, Hunter Hayes.

Carrie Underwood’s Blown Away Tour also marks the end to a dry-spell of high profile Milwaukee concerts. More than a few amazing tours have skipped the lake side city in favor of visiting our Windy City neighbors more than a few times.

“Milwaukee we’re so glad to be back here hangin’ with you guys!” Underwood shouted after wrapping up her first three.

She made it a point to constantly thank and engage with fans of all ages throughout the night. Being one of the more diverse crowds in country, teens and adults alike were enjoying themselves to the fullest while belting out nearly every word to Underwood’s hits.

Carrie Underwood has come a long way since her days on American Idol, musically, and as a performer. She always had something going on on-stage. Whether it was jamming out with a fellow band mate or taunting fans in the front row, there was always something. A big boost was gained after the success of Blown Away last year and you can bet Underwood is riding that through the whole tour.

Underwood boasted about dreaming up such a lavish tour after she showed off to fans on a section of the stage that rose up and floated over the crowd all the way to the soundboard. She tossed plastic flower necklaces and other toys to fans as she waved and posed for photos.

Opener Hunter Hayes wasn’t so bad himself. Yet another visit to Milwaukee makes this an annual visit for the past three years. From The Rave to the Bradley center, his success is surely beginning to shine through. Though the screams weren’t nearly as loud, Hayes is often touted as the equivalent to the current top names in pop.

“Such a great crowd we got here in Milwaukee,” she said, impressed with how vocal everyone was. “I see you singin’, I see you dancin’.”

Underwood also explained that for the Blown Away tour one dollar for each ticket sold would be donated to the Red Cross. She seemed very proud of this good deed and congratulated fans for doing their part.

With the energy of a rock star and the heart of a country star, Underwood is a pro at awing fans and having a good time. Most of the show was filled with her upbeat and dramatically punchy country songs emboldened by her timeless vocals, though there was space set aside for “Jesus, Take the Wheel” and “Temporary Home”.

This show was a long time coming for Underwood, but I’m positive that after she got this taste of Milwaukee, she’ll be back sooner than we think.

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